Thursday, 30 June 2011

Vittoria Puccini in "La Vita Facile" [2011 Italy]

Lucio Pellegrini's Italian comedy "La Vita Facile" [Eng. title: The Easy Life] is your typical run-of-the-mill entertainment feature replete with clichés and a rather mediocre script. I found it mildly humorous at times, but on the whole, apart from a good soundtrack by Gabriele Roberto, which features some cool songs and hypnotic African rhythms, there is really nothing much to talk about - even Pierfrancesco Favino's presence fails to lift the film. Oh yes - there is of course a twist towards the end, but it shouldn't matter as none of us would really care about these characters anyway.

Mario, a successful surgeon at a private hospital in Rome travels to Africa to join his best friend Luca, also a doctor at a remote Kenyan village. Just as Mario's getting settled to life in the 'third world', his wife Ginevra arrives with some bad news - he's being investigated for malpractice back home. We then learn Luca originally left for Africa after Ginevra decides to marry Mario instead - she however obliges him with a good-bye shag before leaving. Mario sends Luca and Ginevra together to Rome (despite knowing their history) to sort things out and take out some cash, and predictably Luca and Ginevra pick up from where they left off.


Compilation: Vittoria Puccini
There are also a couple of brief nude scenes in the film of Ginevra with Luca. First is the good-bye shag, and the second is when they're sent by Mario to Rome together. Ginevra is played by retro chic Vittoria Puccini.

Vittoria Puccini in La Vita Facile


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