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Diana Simona Gasparini & co in "VigasioSexploitation" [2010 Italy]

If I presumed Sebastiano Montresor's "VigasioSexploitation" to be not as interesting as "VigasioSexploitation 2", I was pleasantly proved wrong. While part 2 was crazy, part 1 is both crazy and surreal, reminiscent of early Buñuel, but also treading different genres like film noire and slapstick.

In some ways, I regard 'VigasioSexploitation-1' as more experimental and creatively engaging than the second, where Montresor explores his theory of de-constructing the film both physically and metaphorically, almost to the level of ancient folk theatre, only - instead of a narrator, you have intertitles like those used in silent films. The sound design, while basic, works extremely well for the film - becoming essential to narrate the story. Even the screen palette is drained of colour and contrast to recreate the sense of dreaming, or a thought-process. The 'faceless' but ridiculously sexy 'soft machine' not only intrigues the protagonist, but the viewers too as we are asked to use our own imagination to put a face to her body. We can see what Montresor means by 'Agrestic' cinema.

The film also uses rustic symbolism to drive home some points, hilarious at times, but thought provoking all the same, like the underwater scene of a woman every time the spreading 'virus' is mentioned. The film as a whole is refreshing, radical, and entertaining . If you're open to experiencing something unconventional, you'll love this film., which is one way of saying, "okay, this may not be exactly mainstream, but what the heck - it's all good fun." Recommended Viewing.

Synopsis: Aliens are invading the earth, using 'soft machines' that take the shape of suppressed desires - it is up to Agent Danger and Eva to save mankind from being completely run over. They are aided by Gamma, and her 'sacred chainsaw'.

Compilation 1: Diana Simona Gasparini
Returning from work, Agent Danger see 'Soft Machine' waiting for him - all nude, save the soap-box on her head, and she readily offers herself. The character reminds me of a scene in Dana Rotberg's 'Otilia Rauda', even if they're completely different kind of films. The scenes in the compilation are self-explanatory, you only need to follow the intertitles!

Diana Simona Gasparini in VigasioSexploitation

Note: For those desperate to see Diana 'unmasked', check out the 'making of' scenes in Sebastiano Montresor's website. Here's one however from her Linked-in page where she's at least partially unmasked.
Diana Simona Gasparini

Compilation 2: Diana Simona Gasparini, Stefania Visconti, & Emma Nitti

Diana Simona Gasparini, Stefania Visconti, & Emma Nitti in VigasioSexploitation

Scene Guide:
  • Soft Machines cheat in cards too - apparently.
  • "Behold thy Sacred Chainsaw" - that's Gamma granting Eva the ultimate weapon needed to destroy the Soft Machine - the gags are of the "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" kind. Gamma is played by Stefania Visconti. I think there's a reason why she stands cross-legged, apart from it helping her look majestic. Google her name and you'll know what I mean.
  • A view of Diana Simona Gasparini that Fellini would have appreciated. 'Soft Machine' lays the egg that spell's doom for pig-faced Dr. Munoz.
  • Agent Danger is in danger himself, and Eva comes to his rescue, only to be seduced herself by the Soft Machine. Eva is played by pretty Emma Nitti.
  • It's eggnog time..!
  • The final showdown - Eva is now prisoner and the chainsaw gets into evil hands. We need another sacred chainsaw now.


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