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Leticia Brédice & Dolores Fonzi in "Plata Quemada" [2000 Argentina, Uruguay, Spain]

Marcelo Piñeyro is one of the important and exciting Argentinian directors contributing to the recent film 'renaissance' in his country. He has also made a habit of making award-winning films, and the crime drama "Plata Quemada" [Eng. Title: Burnt Money] is one of them, which also won a Goya the following year.

Based on a true story, the film recreates the relationship between a duo of bank robbers in 1960's Argentina, and their final heist with an accomplice that goes completely wrong.

Nene and Ángel are close friends, lovers, and robbers - they take up an assignment too lucrative to let go, but things don't go according to plan afterwards and they flee to neighbouring Uruguay to lay low for a while, only for the closing-in net to tighten. I'll refrain from giving away the details just in case you want to watch the film. All I'd add is, it is an excellently directed film with fine performances from all the main actors, and an awesome soundtrack. This film is definitely Recommended Viewing.

Compilation 1: Dolores Fonzi
Vivi is the girlfriend of Cuervo who'd been drafted in as the driver for Nene and Ángel for the heist. Vivi is played by sexy little minx Dolores Fonzi - even if there's only brief nudity in her scenes, it is definitely interesting.

Dolores Fonzi in Plata Quemada

Scene Guide:
  • Sexy scene of Vivi making out with her boyfriend, who doesn't stop even atfer noticing Nene watching them - kinky Vivi tells Cuervo that she wouldn't mind a threesome after all.
  • A police raid and its all over for poor little Vivi.

Compilation 2: Leticia Brédice
Party girl Giselle entices Nene at a fun-fair in Uruguay, Nene obliges as she could be a useful cover - even the police know Nene and Ángel are lovers. He lies to her that he's married with kids back in Argentina, but she's a clever girl and could see past them. They have passionate sex, but when he tries to treat her as just another 'lay' afterwards, she makes him change his mind in this sexy scene. Giselle is very well played by Leticia Brédice, so well that one could see Leonardo Sbaraglia who plays Nene actually 'quite happy' to be in her company.

Leticia Brédice in Plata Quemada


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