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Scenes from Stanley Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange" BR720 [UK 1971]

Very few people would be unaware of the great Stanley Kubrick's ground-breaking social and ethical commentary "A Clockwork Orange" - possibly among most people's list of their top 50 films of all-time. It is also one of the most reviewed films in the planet, and since I can't possibly add anything new, I'll restrict myself to describing just some of the famous nude scenes in it using compilations cut from blu-ray.

Set sometime in London of the future, young Alex is a keen exponent of 'good-old ultraviolence' as he terrorises the neighbourhood with his equally delinquent friends - until he ends up in prison for murdering a woman during one of his operations. He takes the opportunity to enrol in a new government scheme aimed at brainwashing convicts into 'mending their ways', so he could be released from prison early. Upon release, despite the fact that he's now 'healed', he's despised by everyone who bumps into him, to the extent that he nearly kills himself, and the same cynical government steps in to 'reinstate' his original personality. While the government thinks it has successfully manipulated Alex by acquiring his support to win back public opinion, Alex feels otherwise.

Compilation 1: Shirley Jaffe and Adrienne Corri
It includes two rape scenes, the reason why I decided to compile them separately. First is when Alex and his group interrupt a rival gang performing the old in-out's on a weepy young devotchka at a disused bingo hall. The woman is played by curvy Shirley Jaffe. The second one is the more shocking, where Alex and his gang break in and brutally attack a middle-aged couple. Adrienne Corri plays the woman in this disturbing scene.

Shirley Jaffe and Adrienne Corri in A Clockwork Orange

Compilation 2: Gillian Hills, Barbara Scott, Virginia Wetherell, Carol Drinkwater, and Katya Wyeth
These are the other nude scenes from the film.

Gillian Hills, Barbara Scott, Virginia Wetherell, Carol Drinkwater, Katya Wyeth in A Clockwork Orange

Scene Guide:
  • Alex invites the rather friendly cuties - played by Gillian Hills (the blonde), and brunette Barbara Scott - to listen to some of his angel trumpets and devil trombones at his home.
  • Some uncredited actresses in the scene where Alex 'viddies' himself as a Roman soldier enjoying some of the fruits of imperialism - housewives of Jewish soldiers slain in battle in this case.
  • Alex's 'cure' is demonstrated in front of a sceptical audience by showing how harmless he'd become against the rather perky and alluring Virginia Wetherell.
  • A horny doctor and his nurse, played by Carol Drinkwater, are interrupted when they notice Alex has just returned from coma.
  • Alex is back to his old self now, here he fantasises Katya Wyeth riding him, as people in derby costume stand around - he's sure is one weird guy.


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