Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Susana Falcone in "Los Paranoicos" [2008 Argentina]

Argentinian director Gabriel Medina's excellent debut feature "Los Paranoicos" [Eng. Title: The Paranoids] is a subdued romantic comedy about a shy and sensitive, aspiring screenwriter conquering the little demons that are holding him back.

Luciano makes a living performing in kids' parties as 'Cachito', while working on his first script for film. His friend Manuel, having become a successful producer of a Television series called "Los Paranoicos" in Spain, returns to Argentina to firm up proposals for adapting his series into a feature film. His girlfriend Sofia tags along, but refuses to stay with Manuel's parents while he's gone on a business trip, opting to stay at Luciano's flat instead. She finds Luciano to be the antithesis of Manuel in many ways - and with whom she could just be herself. When Manuel returns from his trip, he notices a change in both of them - all three would now have to come to terms with this change.

It is a straightforward story, but what sets this apart is its original and engaging screenplay. The direction is also refreshing - by keeping it simple, he allows his talented cast to deliver, and they do. Medina is another promising Latin American director who should have a bright future. I loved watching this little gem, and needless to say - Highly Recommended Viewing..!

Nude Scene: Susana Falcone
In the only nude scene in the film, Luciano arrives for a kid's birthday party only to be told it had been cancelled - the poor kid isn't in a mood to celebrate after his dad had just left home for good. The mother too is in need of some 'lovin', and Luciano obliges. The mother is played by Susana Falcone.


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