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Ivonne Montero & co in "El Tigre de Santa Julia" [2002 Mexico]

Alejandro Gamboa's 2002 comedy adventure "El Tigre de Santa Julia" [Eng. Title: The Tiger of Santa Julia] is a light-hearted interpretation of the life of the eponymous Mexican legend who gained reputation as a later day Robin Hood by robbing from other criminals and helping the poor. Only his gang consisted predominantly of women.

The film depicts 'El Tigre' José de Jesus as a reluctant hero, whose exploits were 'embellished' by a journalist-friend to make him the larger than life character he became. It is funny, sexy and full of gun-slinging action - all good fun. And the bevy of beautiful women who fill the screen certainly don't disappoint, it is like having a spicy Mexican barbecue on a warm summer evening. The soundtrack is pleasing with some smooth Cumbia tracks thrown in, but the stylised cinematography actually spoils the experience. Among the DVD extras the director explains his attempts to recreate a comic-book feel to the film, but I'm somehow not convinced of the end result. It also felt criminal to distort beautiful faces with such saturated colours (of course, I'm talking about the women).

Mine was also a letter-boxed DVD with the option to view in full-screen - so the quality is only average, but I've enhanced them slightly for these compilations. While my reason for buying the film was actually the rather dishy Ivonne Montero, it is nevertheless an entertaining film, and there are many others scenes that are just as sexy. I recommend this film simply for these reasons.

Compilation 1: Isaura Espinoza, Cristina Michaus, and Ivonne Montero

Made from several scenes - we see 'El Tigre' José having the time of his life in the village of Santa Julia.

Isaura Espinoza, Cristina Michaus, and Ivonne Montero in El Tigre de Santa Julia

Scene Guide:
  • Naughty scene this - José is temporarily staying with his aunt (mum's sister) Simona in Santa Julia, who also happens to be the village prostitute. One day he enrols in the army and comes to tell her the news while she's busy with one of her customers. She reluctantly answers the door but after learning he'd never been with a woman before, decides to initiate him personally..! Simona is playd by sexy MILF Isaura Espinoza.
  • After killing Tomasa's husband - a wife-beater and local menace, locals come forward with offers to help José, including Tomasa herself who even puts him up in her own house. He just bought himself a mattress with his first heist, and when she helps him lay it out, he notices her scars, and he shows her some of his own. Soon they feel it's time to 'test-drive' the new mattress together. Tomasa is played by the curvaceous Cristina Michaus.
  • Just as they're taking a break from proceedings, Simona arrives with a bottle of brandy to wake them up. And they get into a threesome!
  • As if all this activity hadn't already famished our poor hero, village belle Rosa arrives, and wants some of the action herself in this titillating scene. These are what fantasies are made of, I suppose..! Rrrrrosa is of course played by mamacita caliente Ivonne Montero.

Compilation 2: Ivonne Montero
Made from two scenes - there's only brief nudity in these but it really doesn't matter as Rrrrrrosa heats things up sufficiently with her sheer slutty presence and tone of voice. Ivonne Monterogrrrrrr..!

Ivonne Montero in El Tigre de Santa Julia

Scene Guide:
  • Returning from one of their jobs, Rosa uses a quiet moment to get 'acquainted' with José. She asks him if he'd missed collecting one of his 'presents' from the heist. When he asks which one, she jumps onto his saddle and lifts her skirt up. If you need to know, he compliments her by saying that's not just a present, but the whole treasure itself..!
  • The woman José actually fancies is sensible enough to refuse to become one of his many lovers - she wants him to quit sleeping around with 'tramps'. In this scene a jealous Rosa tries to woo him back wearing a transparent white dress (totally naked underneath) - and the bugger simply won't be persuaded..!
  • I've also appended a brief scene as a separate file, of Inés - a cousin of José's best friend, tortured and killed by the Police captain and villain Calleja. They leave her naked body on the fields to trap José. Inés is played by Anilú Pardo.



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