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Annamaria Clementi & Gloria Guida in "L'Infermiera di Notte" [1979 Italy]

It's Guilty Pleasure Time...!

I've been postponing this for a couple of months and it's about time it went up. Mariano Laurenti's 1970's Italian sex comedy, "L'Infermiera di Notte" [Eng. Title: Night Nurse] could be totally forgotten as another below average film in its genre, if not for signorina bellissima Annamaria Clementi.

She's at her sexiest best here even while appearing only in three scenes - individual sketches on their own, and having no bearing whatsoever on the main film.

But to do justice to Guida fans out there, I'm compiling the other nude scenes too.

Here's the story - Lucia keeps a tight rein at home on her horny dentist-husband Nicola, but who freely fools around at work, including patient Zaira. Lucia's long lost 'rich' uncle Saverio is brought to her home - apparently bedridden. He wants to write his final will before dying. The uncle is in fact already dead, and a friend of his has taken his place - to get his hands on a precious diamond hidden amongst Lucia's old crystal chandelier. To keep the 'uncle' in good books, Angela is employed as night nurse to take care for him.

Compilation 1: Paola Senatore, Gloria Guida, and Francesca Romana Coluzzi

Paola Senatore and Gloria GUida in L'infermiera di notte

Scene Guide:
  • Zaira tells Nicola off for flirting with another patient's niece Angela. He then shows her his newly arrived dentist's chair. Zaira is played by Paola Senatore, who was still beautiful at the time.
  • No nudity but sexy - Zaira's in mood for some fun, but Nicola is tired after a 'busy' night with wife Lucia. He therefore asks her, "...since you're already here, why not get yourself a dental check-up love..!". Happy wife comes visiting, and he tucks Zaira away in the x-ray room.
  • Nocila's assistant is sent to hand over Zaira's knickers she'd left behind. Apparently she doesn't normally wear them - only for Nicola (and now his assistant)!
  • Silly mayhem - Nicola heats up uncle's room so he could see poor little Angela sweat and take her kit off to get some air, which happens predictably. The best part of the comedy however is later in the scene when Angela tells the Saverio that he'd just been dreaming about seeing her naughty bits. Angela is played by the very dishy Gloria Guida.
  • Nicola doing the rounds notices his wife Lucia asleep outside the door to Gloria's room - he suddenly discovers what he's been missing and pounces on her. Lucia is played by Francesca Romana Coluzzi.
  • Nicola's son Carlo falls for Angela and upon advice from his dad, decides to make her 'pregnant'. Almost the whole of the second half of the film is taken up by their romance - oh and Guida sings a whole song too (don't worry- it's not included here).

Compilation 2: Annamaria Clementi
Annamaria Clementi plays Nicola's neighbour downstairs. She's the wife of a not-so-successful boxer. Apparently he must not be good in bed either, hence she targets Nicola's son Carlo - a student doing pharmacology. These are certainly sexy and funny, and possibly the only reason to watch the film (or own the DVD, as in my case).

Annamaria Clementi in L'infermiera di Notte

Scene Guide:
  • Annamaria interrupts Carlo on his way to college to come in for a moment and check her, and perhaps use his magic 'touch' to massage those areas where it apparently hurts. When Carlo learns that her hubby is a boxer, he quietly sneaks out.
  • The second time - it's a hard-to-reach tap that needs looking into, and only Carlo with his reach can help. He get started with Annamaria as well, but when he learns the hubby is in the toilet, he leaves hastily. Carlo's father sees him leave the neighbour's flat and comes in enquiring.
  • This time, Annamaria welcomes Carlo in the buff, and drags the shocked bloke into bed, but when hubby gets knocked out very early during a match, he had to be brought home, disrupting the party.


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