Thursday, 9 June 2011

Inma Cuesta & Clara Lago in "Primos" [2011 Spain]

Daniel Sánchez Arévalo's film, "Primos" [Eng. Title: Cousinhood] is one of those typical feel-good romantic comedies churned out at this time of year.

After Diego is dumped by his fiancée at the altar, cousins Julián and Miguel decide to cheer him up by taking him to a coastal village where they spent their summers growing up. Diego catches up with Martina, his childhood sweetheart, now a single mum. While he tries to win her back, Julián gets interested in Clara - a girl he'd shunned earlier because she was too young - she's now all grown up and pretends to be a prostitute to annoy her alcoholic father. The film is easy to watch, mildly funny and intelligent at times - but on the whole, a bit shallow. It is however full of pretty girls in summer clothes and sunshine - easy viewing as I said.

Compilation: Inma Cuesta and Clara Lago

Inma Cuesta and Clara Lago in Primos

Scene Guide:
  • Little Danny advices war veteran Miguel that he needs to seek professional help for his depression, and also asks him to open his eye lest he miss seeing his mum Martina topless at the beach. Martina meanwhile notices Diego covering his hard-on, having turned on by the sight of her tits, but she's rather cool to his clumsy overtures. Martina is played by señorita muy hermosa Inma Cuesta.
  • There's no nudity in this scene but it is sexy. Julián doesn't believe Clara's claims of being a prostitute. He asks her to give him thirteen minutes to prove he could make her happy - provided both pretend to be in love during the time. The scene is actually funny and sexy, as Clara turns out to be one heck of a prick-tease. Clara is played by chíquita bonita Clara Lago.