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Laura Chiatti & Monica Bellucci in "Manuale d'Amore 3" [2011 Italy]

Giovanni Veronesi's third offering of his successful "Manuale d'Amore" series of films, (also called "Manuale d'Am3re") [Eng. Title: Manual of Love 3] follows the tried and tested formula used in the previous 2 editions - three light and loosely inter-twined segments dealing with affairs of the heart (and sex), and filled with big-name stars.

The breezy comedy starts with Roberto's story - an up and coming lawyer who's despatched to a Tuscan village to expropriate land for a new development. Already engaged to Sara (played by the gorgeous Valeria Solarino), he finds himself drawn to the wild village beauty Micol, which every man in the village seems to covet, and they have a brief fling until sanity prevails and Micol's husband returns from his business trip. The second one is of happily married and successful television presenter Fabio whose one night of indiscretion after a party leads to his losing everything he had taken for granted, thanks to deranged stalker Eliana (played excellently by sexy Donatella Finocchiaro). The final story is an unlikely romance between stripper Viola and an American scholar Adrian (played by Robert de Niro) - this I think is also the weakest of the three segments.

The film is flawless technically, but just as the earlier two films, the focus is on light entertainment, so don't expect anything deep here. The film also features a couple of brief nude scenes, and the compilation below was made from the recently released DVD.

Compilation: Laura Chiatti and Monica Bellucci

Laura Chiatti and Monica Bellucci in Manuale d'Am3re

Scene Guide:
  • From the first segment - Roberto's initial fascination with the unconventional Micol becomes a brief but passionate love afair. Micol is played by the ever beautiful Laura Chiatti.
  • No nudity - Roberto visits Micol to end it all, but soon realises he isn't calling the shots - they are interrupted by Micol's husband who returns early from his business trip.
  • Brief nudity, from the third segment - American art historian Adrian lives in Rome as a tenant of his close friend Augusto. Augusto's daughter Viola returns from Paris after 10 years, but is chucked out when Augusto learns that she's been making a living as a stripper. Viola stays at Adrian's place and they become close. She teaches Adrian striptease (I've shortened this bit - don't worry), and end up in bed. Viola is played by the delectable and sensual Monica Bellucci.


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