Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Gabriela Vergara in "Recién Cazado" [2009 Mexico]

Rene Bueno's romantic comedy "Recién Cazado" [Eng. Title: Just Married] is one of those fairly ordinary Mexican films that should have better stayed a telenovela.

Cinematography and editing apart, it is a weak film - the direction and acting is pedestrian, the soundtrack is nothing much to talk about, and the script, poor. There are a few mildly funny moments, but nothing to retain viewer interest till the end - I like to think I make a very patient audience, but even I couldn't wait for this to finish.

Sebastian has it all - looks, wealth, and the extra something that make him irresistible to women, and he spends most of his hours jumping from bed to bed. His worried mother hatches a plan to make him mend his ways, and one fine day he wakes from bed married, to a woman he doesn't remember seeing before. He allows her - Alexa, to stay on for a few weeks, until she knows her periods haven't stopped (!), so that the marriage could be annulled. They agree not to have sex until then, but Alexa's scheming and provocative attires make Sebastian reconsider the idea of getting rid of her.

Compliation: Gabriela Vergara
There's only brief nudity in the film - but I've included some other watch-worthy bits of Alexa in the compilation - take out these, and there's nothing much to see. Alexa is played by Gabriela Vergara.

Gabriela Vergara Recien Cazado

Scene Guide:
  • Sebastian wakes up to see a fine ass sleeping next to him, and a marriage certificate on the bedside table.
  • After introductions and poor acting, Alexa makes her intentions known.
  • Sebastian tries to put her off by behaving all rowdy. Some upskirt,  ass-biting and groping ensue, but Alexa manages to 'put him to sleep'.
  • No nudity - Alexa taunting Sebastian with some provocative lingerie - she wants him to admit that she could indeed be irresistible.
  • Sebastian scoring some points this time by barging into Alexa's shower - she reminds him that she's naked, but he tells her it wouldn't really matter as she's practically naked all the time.


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