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Vittoria Puccini in "La Vita Facile" [2011 Italy]

Lucio Pellegrini's Italian comedy "La Vita Facile" [Eng. title: The Easy Life] is your typical run-of-the-mill entertainment feature replete with clichés and a rather mediocre script. I found it mildly humorous at times, but on the whole, apart from a good soundtrack by Gabriele Roberto, which features some cool songs and hypnotic African rhythms, there is really nothing much to talk about - even Pierfrancesco Favino's presence fails to lift the film. Oh yes - there is of course a twist towards the end, but it shouldn't matter as none of us would really care about these characters anyway.

Mario, a successful surgeon at a private hospital in Rome travels to Africa to join his best friend Luca, also a doctor at a remote Kenyan village. Just as Mario's getting settled to life in the 'third world', his wife Ginevra arrives with some bad news - he's being investigated for malpractice back home. We then learn Luca originally left for Africa after Ginevra decides to marry Mario instead - she however obliges him with a good-bye shag before leaving. Mario sends Luca and Ginevra together to Rome (despite knowing their history) to sort things out and take out some cash, and predictably Luca and Ginevra pick up from where they left off.


Compilation: Vittoria Puccini
There are also a couple of brief nude scenes in the film of Ginevra with Luca. First is the good-bye shag, and the second is when they're sent by Mario to Rome together. Ginevra is played by retro chic Vittoria Puccini.

Vittoria Puccini in La Vita Facile


Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Kseniya Rappoport in "La Sconosciuta" [2006 Italy]

It's taken a while, but I'm so glad to have finally started the filmography of the great Giuseppe Tornatore here, one of the most poetic directors in cinema today. He doesn't make too many film, but whatever he has done, are among the finest that modern cinema can offer. Who can forget his 1988 masterpiece, "Nuovo Cinema Paradiso" - perhaps the greatest film ever made. Neither can one his earlier gem that first gave us a glimpse of his genius - "Il Camorrista", and nor the gems that followed, like "L'uomo delle Stelle", and "Malèna" (that also catapulted Monica Bellucci to superstardom).

Tornatore made "La Sconosciuta" [Eng. Title: The Unknown Woman] after a gap of nearly five years, and boy was it worth the wait..! The story, the screenplay, the performances, not to mention the lyrical direction, and of course the superlative soundtrack by the legendary Ennio Morricone lifts this production to stratospheric heights. Kseniya Rappoport (credited as Ksenia Rappoport) playing the eponymous character looks twice the exquisite actress she already is, thanks largely to Tornatore and Morricone's team-up - a partnership that has obviously worked wonders over the years. The film inevitably bagged a bucket-full of awards including numerous David's the following year.

"La Sconosciuta" is the heart-rending story of Irena, a Ukrainian immigrant who goes through what can only be described as hell, whilst keeping faith that she could yet have a future. Sold to a thug called Mold (excellenty portrayed by veteran actor and director Michele Placido), and apart from being his plaything and punching bag, she's also prostituted and forced to make babies, to be sold to discerning childless couples. After escaping from Mold, she tries to track the last of her babies, and infiltrates a household as a maid. But her past will soon return to haunt her...

The scene below is an example of Tornatore's visual poetry - click on the image for sample clip.
Click the image if you want to sample Giuseppe Tornatore's remarkable visual poetry.

I had reviewed this film elsewhere earlier, but this is a reappraisal and the compilation made from my DVD. Even though the one I purchased came with no extras, the film is every bit worth it. Needless to say, Highly Recommended Viewing..!


Compilation: Kseniya Rappoport, Claudia Gerini, and others

Kseniya Rappoport and Claudia Gerini in La Sconosciuta

Scene Guide:
  • Irena's past is told through her oft-violent flashbacks. Here we see Irena being picked by a customer - the scene is quite possibly body-doubled.
  • More flashbacks, as store guards frisk Irena after a faulty alarm at the counter goes off.
  • Irena had broken into an apartment, and the concierge comes to see if all's well - he reports to the owner that she might have forgotten to switch the alarm on.
  • Irena panics during a driving lesson - we're will soon learn why her erstwhile owner named her 'Georgia'.
  • A heavily bruised Irena at the shower, followed by the gynaecologist informing her that she will no longer be able to bear a child.
  • Irena with her owner Mold.
  • A pleasant memory for change as Irena remembers Nello, her erstwhile boyfriend.
  • Irena helps her mistress Valeria with a towel in the bathroom. She compliments her on her physical beauty, but also remarks that her body bears no signs of having given birth to a child.



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Mira Gittner in "Das Zimmer" [2000 Germany]

Roland Reber is an interesting director in that he expects and actively encourages creative input from his cast to help shape a film around a theme. While this approach of 'workshopping' is more common in theatre, it is unusual for cinema. We have all heard horror-stories by actors about working with directors who keep tight control of their production (like say Antonioni, Bergman, Fellini, Ferreri or Fassbinder), but this is something you're unlikely to hear from Reber's close-knit cast and crew, many of whom have worked together for well over a decade. One can therefore reasonably assume that they get along rather well.

About his productions:
Ever since Roland Reber left the German Arts establishment to venture into making films, he and his core team have been running their own independent production company WTP International, making feature films and shorts without public grants or TV funding. I came across his work only last year, watching his 2009 film, "Engel mit Schmutzigen Flügeln" at a friend's place. The film was daring and positively twisted - enough to want to explore Reber's filmography. Along the way, I realised his cast are actually multi-faceted and an integral part of the crew as well - apart from acting, they take on tasks as diverse as editing, graphics, cinematography, production, even marketing and PR.

Their films are regulars in the festival circuit, but they certainly deserve to be seen by a wider mainstream audience because of two reasons - even though they have an unconventional method of filmmaking, their storytelling itself is as conventional and approachable as can be, and their themes and subjects, while twisted and at times even shocking, is nevertheless entertaining and of general interest to most people. I'll start with one of Reber's first full-length features, "Das Zimmer" [Eng. Title: The Room]. which can be classified as a psychological romantic-thriller, about exploring hidden fears and desires.

About the film:
The film borrows metaphors from Amduat, an ancient Egyptian text, as Sophie, an Egyptologist, narrates a personal experience to a student-intern - an experience that led her to a better understanding of not only the aforementioned text, but also her own self that was hitherto hidden behind 'secret doors'. The events are told in flashbacks as Sophie gives an account of a summer job she took up during her student days.

After responding to an ad, Sophie is offered the job of looking after a property in a remote village for six weeks. The contract contained two preconditions - to ensure they stay in property during the night, and to keep away from one locked room. But upon arriving at the property, she's surprised to find another guy Christoph there - he'd also been offered the same job. Realising the property owner had done this deliberately, she reluctantly accepts the fact that she'll be spending the remainder of the days there with a stranger. As they settle in, bizarre things begin to occur in the house, which not only draw the couple closer, but also turns their attention towards the forbidden room. Perhaps someone is observing them from there - or perhaps it's their own hidden rooms that need to be unlocked...

The film flows smoothly like a well written novel - in fact it could have worked pretty well as a novella. Sophie is played by Mira Gittner. Ms. Gittner also edited the film, and shares the cinematography credits alongside Reber. The sound track is uncomplicated and well done, adequately aiding the film's flow. The only weakness I find is in the screenplay (or lack of). But overall, it's an unpretentious but well constructed film, and Reber is honest in dealing with his subject. The DVD extras include some interesting interviews with Roland Reber and Mira Gittner about the shaping of the film, giving us an insight into their working methods and  the creative freedom his cast and crew enjoyed during the production. Recommended Viewing.

The compilation below was made from a Box set, but the film is also available on its own from

DVD order link -

Additional trailers link from official website:

Mira Gittner, Claire Plaut, Carolina Rath, Ute Meisenheimer, and Petra Knieper
A brief compilation of some of the scenes of Mira Gittner and others from the film.

Mira Gittner, Claire Plaut, Carolina Rath, Ute Meisenheimer, and Petra Knieper in Das Zimmer

Scene Guide:
  • Christoph, attracted towards Sophie, fantasises a scene.
  • Sophie tries on some lingerie presuming they're a present from Christoph - the scene is of Sophie playing with her teddy intercut with voices from her childhood, of her domineering mother asking her to keep away from men.
  • Christoph finally gets the message that Sophie likes him too, and responds.
  • Another fantasy scene of Christoph - imagining Sophie with his dead girlfriend Monique (I won't elaborate). Monique is played by Claire Plaut.
  • Susanne, apparently a call-girl, turns up in front of a shocked Christoph claiming he had called and booked her for two hours. A puzzled Christoph isn't interested. Susanne is played by Carolina Rath - who also co-produced the film.
  • Another scene of Christoph and Sophie.
  • Christoph is an aspiring actor - while rehearsing his lines, he fantasises the women he'd seen at the property cheering him on - the women are Carolina Rath, Ute Meisenheimer, and Petra Knieper.
  • Brief downblouse as a visibly shaken Sophie seeks refuge in Christoph's arms.



Friday, 24 June 2011

Ángela Carrizosa Aparicio in "Karen Llora en un Bus" [2011 Colombia]

Gabriel Rojas Vera's brilliant debut feature, "Karen Llora en un Bus" [Eng. Title: Karen Cries in a Bus] is a simple yet beautiful study of a modern woman making her choices in life. The film is set in Bogota, but it could be any swiftly urbanising part of the world.

Karen decides to leave her well-to-do husband of ten years, she feels life's passing her by, her aspirations and interests are but a fading memory after immersing into her role as home-maker. The film starts with a tearful Karen sitting in a bus with just her suitcase and handbag - she had already left home. She gets herself a room downtown and soon enough finds life very different to what she's used to, from the Spartan amenities and furniture, to the difficulty in landing a job with no work experience to show. However, she doesn't give up and refuses to seek help even during trying circumstances, after what little she had gets stolen. Karen, in her own words, has decided to repaint her life.

The refreshing part about the film is that Karen isn't depicted as some kind of superwoman or martyr - she reacts and behaves just as anyone else from her social background might under the circumstances. But there is a virtue in her endeavour, even if she's unsure of her purpose in life owing to low self-esteem. For a debut film, the script, also by Gabriel Rojas Vera, is pretty well written. We see some exceptionally talented young directors emerging from Latin America, and Colombia too seems to have its fair share. The cinematography is excellent, and the team seem to have made the best use of what little budget they had. Even the acting is convincing and well performed, especially the talented actress playing the protagonist, Ángela Carrizosa Aparicio. I'd be surprised if the film doesn't pick up a few accolades along the way. There may not be any clever story to tell or cunning twists in the plot, but for me, this is without doubt the best Colombian film I've seen this year, and needless to say, Recommended Viewing.

Compilation: Ángela Carrizosa Aparicio
The film also contains some brief nude scenes involving Karen. First is when she's with a person she's recently met - common interests drew them together. Having made love only to her husband so far, she's now too conscious in letting her modest breasts be seen by the new lover. Later we see Karen a little more at ease with herself.

Ángela Carrizosa Aparicio in Karen Llora en un Bus


Thursday, 23 June 2011

Ivonne Montero & co in "El Tigre de Santa Julia" [2002 Mexico]

Alejandro Gamboa's 2002 comedy adventure "El Tigre de Santa Julia" [Eng. Title: The Tiger of Santa Julia] is a light-hearted interpretation of the life of the eponymous Mexican legend who gained reputation as a later day Robin Hood by robbing from other criminals and helping the poor. Only his gang consisted predominantly of women.

The film depicts 'El Tigre' José de Jesus as a reluctant hero, whose exploits were 'embellished' by a journalist-friend to make him the larger than life character he became. It is funny, sexy and full of gun-slinging action - all good fun. And the bevy of beautiful women who fill the screen certainly don't disappoint, it is like having a spicy Mexican barbecue on a warm summer evening. The soundtrack is pleasing with some smooth Cumbia tracks thrown in, but the stylised cinematography actually spoils the experience. Among the DVD extras the director explains his attempts to recreate a comic-book feel to the film, but I'm somehow not convinced of the end result. It also felt criminal to distort beautiful faces with such saturated colours (of course, I'm talking about the women).

Mine was also a letter-boxed DVD with the option to view in full-screen - so the quality is only average, but I've enhanced them slightly for these compilations. While my reason for buying the film was actually the rather dishy Ivonne Montero, it is nevertheless an entertaining film, and there are many others scenes that are just as sexy. I recommend this film simply for these reasons.

Compilation 1: Isaura Espinoza, Cristina Michaus, and Ivonne Montero

Made from several scenes - we see 'El Tigre' José having the time of his life in the village of Santa Julia.

Isaura Espinoza, Cristina Michaus, and Ivonne Montero in El Tigre de Santa Julia

Scene Guide:
  • Naughty scene this - José is temporarily staying with his aunt (mum's sister) Simona in Santa Julia, who also happens to be the village prostitute. One day he enrols in the army and comes to tell her the news while she's busy with one of her customers. She reluctantly answers the door but after learning he'd never been with a woman before, decides to initiate him personally..! Simona is playd by sexy MILF Isaura Espinoza.
  • After killing Tomasa's husband - a wife-beater and local menace, locals come forward with offers to help José, including Tomasa herself who even puts him up in her own house. He just bought himself a mattress with his first heist, and when she helps him lay it out, he notices her scars, and he shows her some of his own. Soon they feel it's time to 'test-drive' the new mattress together. Tomasa is played by the curvaceous Cristina Michaus.
  • Just as they're taking a break from proceedings, Simona arrives with a bottle of brandy to wake them up. And they get into a threesome!
  • As if all this activity hadn't already famished our poor hero, village belle Rosa arrives, and wants some of the action herself in this titillating scene. These are what fantasies are made of, I suppose..! Rrrrrosa is of course played by mamacita caliente Ivonne Montero.

Compilation 2: Ivonne Montero
Made from two scenes - there's only brief nudity in these but it really doesn't matter as Rrrrrrosa heats things up sufficiently with her sheer slutty presence and tone of voice. Ivonne Monterogrrrrrr..!

Ivonne Montero in El Tigre de Santa Julia

Scene Guide:
  • Returning from one of their jobs, Rosa uses a quiet moment to get 'acquainted' with José. She asks him if he'd missed collecting one of his 'presents' from the heist. When he asks which one, she jumps onto his saddle and lifts her skirt up. If you need to know, he compliments her by saying that's not just a present, but the whole treasure itself..!
  • The woman José actually fancies is sensible enough to refuse to become one of his many lovers - she wants him to quit sleeping around with 'tramps'. In this scene a jealous Rosa tries to woo him back wearing a transparent white dress (totally naked underneath) - and the bugger simply won't be persuaded..!
  • I've also appended a brief scene as a separate file, of Inés - a cousin of José's best friend, tortured and killed by the Police captain and villain Calleja. They leave her naked body on the fields to trap José. Inés is played by Anilú Pardo.


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Kleopatra Rota & Eleni Prokopiou in "Mikres Afrodites" [1963 Greece]

Nikos Koundouros' film "Mikres Afrodites" [Eng. Title: Young Aphrodites] is a magnificent example of cinema with magical realism. Since I knew nothing about this fine director, watching the film drew frequent comparisons to eastern masters of cinema like Akira Kurosawa and Satyajit Ray, but more closely Pier Paolo Pasolini. I'm lost for words to describe the film's beauty, but boy am I glad to have bumped into this gem!

Inspired by an ancient play by Longus (Daphnis and Chloe), which is based on an even ancient Theocritan myth - Daphnis and Aphrodite, the screenplay is creatively interpreted and directed to make this a truly timeless classic. It is not a strict interpretation of the play itself though - the film is much darker, and examines not only coming-of-age, but also male-female dynamics in a very modern way. Koundouros narrates two parallel stories within the film whose characters interact during its course, each drawing on the other's experiences - while one story is about adolescent love, the other is about adult desires. It is a very visual film, sensual and tastefully done, and the mesmerising soundtrack and Mediterranean locale transport us to a different world altogether - one which we'll wish to stay for a while longer even after the film finishes.

Set around 200 BC, a group of nomadic shepherds arrive at a fishing village in search of water and new pastures. Men in the village are out at sea, and the place inhabited only by women at the time. Young Skymnos is intrigued by local girl Chloe - about his own age, and shepherd Tsakalos is fascinated with an already married Arta. The film captures their mating rituals through sheer visual poetry that transcend cultures - it is 'human'.

I was able to locate a DVD vendor in Greece, and even if this has not been digitally remastered, it is definitely well worth it. Needless to say, Highly Recommended Viewing..!

I've made two compilations, improving on the DVD quality, but these pale in comparison to experiencing the full film - in fact I even feel I may have vandalised a work of art by chopping off bits and pieces. Buy the DVD if you can - this is one film you'd love to watch again and again, and well worth the investment.

Compilation 1: Kleopatra Rota
This is of young Chloe getting to know Skymnos, a shepherd boy about her own age, who'd accompanied his nomadic group from up the hills. She isn't exactly swept off her feet by what she sees - he reeks of sheep and is rough with anyone except his pet fox, but takes pity and offers him a bowl of water. Shymnos also finds Chloe fascinating and for a while is too proud to admit he likes her. But he soon falls in love with her, and is willing to do anything to please. We see two young people come-of-age in front of our eyes - it is nostalgic, and endearing. If some feel prudish about watching something that's only natural and a beautiful part of everyone's life, I can only feel sorry for them. Chloe is played by the adorable Kleopatra Rota.

Kleopatra Rota in Mikres Afrodites

Scene Guide:
  • Chloe offers a thirsty Skymnos her bowl of water.
  • After being told off for being unkind to her geese, Skymnos makes peace by offering her a dead stork he discovered by the sea.
  • When Chloe sees him watching her with interest, she tells him that in order to impress a woman, a man must offer to make some fire. He tells her they treated women differently from where he came from. Another older shepherd boy is also interested in Chloe, and watches her from a distance.
  • Skymnos tries to subdue Chloe but she is as strong as he. She also couldn't help pushing him away even though she likes him.
  • Skymnos tries to impress Chloe by making a fire for her. She tells him she still isn't convinced he loves her. He asks her what else he needs to do to prove his love. She asks him to climb a nearby mountain alone at night. When he conveys his apprehensions about being at the mountain where dangerous animals prowl, she tells him that's precisely why she wants him to go there. She also announces the reward for his efforts - she would let him do whatever he wants with her.

Compilation 2: Eleni Prokopiou and Kleopatra Rota
Here we follow the second story - that of beautiful Arta and shepherd Tsakalos, before they meet Chloe and Skymnos towards the end. Arta is played by the sexy Eleni Prokopiou.

Eleni Prokopiou and Kleopatra Rota in Mikres Afrodites

Scene Guide:
  • Tsakalos turns his charms on lonely and beautiful Arta, already married to a fisherman who's at sea. Arta tries vainly to push him away. No nudity but very sensual scene.
  • He tells Arta he could have taken her by force any time, but wants her to accept him willingly instead.
  • Arta earns for companionship, but also wants to be virtuous - she wants him to choose between marrying and taking her with him, or leave her alone so she could remain faithful to her husband who she claims loves her dearly.
  • When the rains arrive, it is time for Tsakalos and the other shepherds to leave. The fishermen will also return from sea. With time running out, Arta finally offers herself to Tsakalos, but while making love, they're watched by a curious Skymnos and Chloe.
  • Skymnos promises Chloe that he will not leave with the other shepherds. She somehow feels he won't be able to stay in the village and love her forever. As it happens, despite Skymnos hiding among the rocks, his men come looking, and take him with them by force (not shown).
  • The older shepherd boy succeeds in hiding from his men, and makes his advance on Chloe, now that the way is clear. Chloe resists, but is overwhelmed by the much stronger boy.
  • Heartbreaking scene - Skymnos manages to escape from his men and comes looking for Chloe, only to find her with his rival, and apparently enjoying it too.


Saturday, 18 June 2011

Laura Chiatti & Monica Bellucci in "Manuale d'Amore 3" [2011 Italy]

Giovanni Veronesi's third offering of his successful "Manuale d'Amore" series of films, (also called "Manuale d'Am3re") [Eng. Title: Manual of Love 3] follows the tried and tested formula used in the previous 2 editions - three light and loosely inter-twined segments dealing with affairs of the heart (and sex), and filled with big-name stars.

The breezy comedy starts with Roberto's story - an up and coming lawyer who's despatched to a Tuscan village to expropriate land for a new development. Already engaged to Sara (played by the gorgeous Valeria Solarino), he finds himself drawn to the wild village beauty Micol, which every man in the village seems to covet, and they have a brief fling until sanity prevails and Micol's husband returns from his business trip. The second one is of happily married and successful television presenter Fabio whose one night of indiscretion after a party leads to his losing everything he had taken for granted, thanks to deranged stalker Eliana (played excellently by sexy Donatella Finocchiaro). The final story is an unlikely romance between stripper Viola and an American scholar Adrian (played by Robert de Niro) - this I think is also the weakest of the three segments.

The film is flawless technically, but just as the earlier two films, the focus is on light entertainment, so don't expect anything deep here. The film also features a couple of brief nude scenes, and the compilation below was made from the recently released DVD.

Compilation: Laura Chiatti and Monica Bellucci

Laura Chiatti and Monica Bellucci in Manuale d'Am3re

Scene Guide:
  • From the first segment - Roberto's initial fascination with the unconventional Micol becomes a brief but passionate love afair. Micol is played by the ever beautiful Laura Chiatti.
  • No nudity - Roberto visits Micol to end it all, but soon realises he isn't calling the shots - they are interrupted by Micol's husband who returns early from his business trip.
  • Brief nudity, from the third segment - American art historian Adrian lives in Rome as a tenant of his close friend Augusto. Augusto's daughter Viola returns from Paris after 10 years, but is chucked out when Augusto learns that she's been making a living as a stripper. Viola stays at Adrian's place and they become close. She teaches Adrian striptease (I've shortened this bit - don't worry), and end up in bed. Viola is played by the delectable and sensual Monica Bellucci.


Friday, 17 June 2011

Emmanuelle Béart in "Les Témoins" [2007 France]

Director of repute André Téchiné's "Les Témoins" [Eng. Title: The Witnesses] may not be his finest film, but it still oozes his customary class. The film is intelligently written and meticulously crafted, be it the direction, photography, sound, editing, acting, or the casting - it is an inspired choice indeed to have chosen Emmanuelle Béart to play the part of Sarah, a children's book author who isn't particularly fond of children - she's an ambivalent mother herself.

Set in the early 80's when the world woke up to a new reality called AIDS, the film's narrative is given by Sarah as she writes the story of Manu, a young gay lad recently arrived in Paris, one who acquaints himself with her family through her best friend - a doctor who's gay himself. The narrative follows Manu's life as he becomes ones of the early casualties of the dreaded disease. The characterisations are quite unconventional, but Téchiné handles them delicately enough to ensure it doesn't look like a gimmick. He stays honest to his intentions which is to explore happiness and love from different perspectives, and allows the viewer to draw his own conclusions. Needless to say, Highly Recommended Viewing..!

Compilation: Emmanuelle Béart and Julie Depardieu
The scenes here are mostly of Sarah, played by Emmanuelle Béart, except for one of Manu's sister Julie, played by the fine actress Julie Depardieu.

Emmanuelle Béart and Julie Depardieu in Les Témoins

Scene Guide:
  • Sarah admits to police officer-husband Medi her desire to have some time away from the baby. He tells her off, but they make up soon after.
  • Brief scene of Julie with brother Manu - he's staying in her flat until he could find his feet in Paris. Julie tells Manu that his nakedness doesn't bother her, but is concerned of him ogling at her every morning. He admits he's only curious as he's not had the opportunity to see women in the nude.
  • Medi watches Sarah in the shower, and asks her out of the blue if she's had any affairs since they got married. She matter-of-factly admits that she sees her editor now and again. She also tells him that she knew he might also be having the odd fling, but is nevertheless confident of his love for her.
  • Medi finds it hard to perform with a condom - when Sarah asks him why he's using them all of a sudden, he tells his shocked wife that he's waiting for some test results, until which it is best to be on the safe.side. He makes his apologies and leaves.
  • After the tests turn out negative, a relieved Medi returns home and asks Sarah whether she'd still like to have him around. The scene is actually beautifully written and executed.


Thursday, 16 June 2011

Scenes from Stanley Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange" BR720 [UK 1971]

Very few people would be unaware of the great Stanley Kubrick's ground-breaking social and ethical commentary "A Clockwork Orange" - possibly among most people's list of their top 50 films of all-time. It is also one of the most reviewed films in the planet, and since I can't possibly add anything new, I'll restrict myself to describing just some of the famous nude scenes in it using compilations cut from blu-ray.

Set sometime in London of the future, young Alex is a keen exponent of 'good-old ultraviolence' as he terrorises the neighbourhood with his equally delinquent friends - until he ends up in prison for murdering a woman during one of his operations. He takes the opportunity to enrol in a new government scheme aimed at brainwashing convicts into 'mending their ways', so he could be released from prison early. Upon release, despite the fact that he's now 'healed', he's despised by everyone who bumps into him, to the extent that he nearly kills himself, and the same cynical government steps in to 'reinstate' his original personality. While the government thinks it has successfully manipulated Alex by acquiring his support to win back public opinion, Alex feels otherwise.

Compilation 1: Shirley Jaffe and Adrienne Corri
It includes two rape scenes, the reason why I decided to compile them separately. First is when Alex and his group interrupt a rival gang performing the old in-out's on a weepy young devotchka at a disused bingo hall. The woman is played by curvy Shirley Jaffe. The second one is the more shocking, where Alex and his gang break in and brutally attack a middle-aged couple. Adrienne Corri plays the woman in this disturbing scene.

Shirley Jaffe and Adrienne Corri in A Clockwork Orange

Compilation 2: Gillian Hills, Barbara Scott, Virginia Wetherell, Carol Drinkwater, and Katya Wyeth
These are the other nude scenes from the film.

Gillian Hills, Barbara Scott, Virginia Wetherell, Carol Drinkwater, Katya Wyeth in A Clockwork Orange

Scene Guide:
  • Alex invites the rather friendly cuties - played by Gillian Hills (the blonde), and brunette Barbara Scott - to listen to some of his angel trumpets and devil trombones at his home.
  • Some uncredited actresses in the scene where Alex 'viddies' himself as a Roman soldier enjoying some of the fruits of imperialism - housewives of Jewish soldiers slain in battle in this case.
  • Alex's 'cure' is demonstrated in front of a sceptical audience by showing how harmless he'd become against the rather perky and alluring Virginia Wetherell.
  • A horny doctor and his nurse, played by Carol Drinkwater, are interrupted when they notice Alex has just returned from coma.
  • Alex is back to his old self now, here he fantasises Katya Wyeth riding him, as people in derby costume stand around - he's sure is one weird guy.


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Gabriela Vergara in "Recién Cazado" [2009 Mexico]

Rene Bueno's romantic comedy "Recién Cazado" [Eng. Title: Just Married] is one of those fairly ordinary Mexican films that should have better stayed a telenovela.

Cinematography and editing apart, it is a weak film - the direction and acting is pedestrian, the soundtrack is nothing much to talk about, and the script, poor. There are a few mildly funny moments, but nothing to retain viewer interest till the end - I like to think I make a very patient audience, but even I couldn't wait for this to finish.

Sebastian has it all - looks, wealth, and the extra something that make him irresistible to women, and he spends most of his hours jumping from bed to bed. His worried mother hatches a plan to make him mend his ways, and one fine day he wakes from bed married, to a woman he doesn't remember seeing before. He allows her - Alexa, to stay on for a few weeks, until she knows her periods haven't stopped (!), so that the marriage could be annulled. They agree not to have sex until then, but Alexa's scheming and provocative attires make Sebastian reconsider the idea of getting rid of her.

Compliation: Gabriela Vergara
There's only brief nudity in the film - but I've included some other watch-worthy bits of Alexa in the compilation - take out these, and there's nothing much to see. Alexa is played by Gabriela Vergara.

Gabriela Vergara Recien Cazado

Scene Guide:
  • Sebastian wakes up to see a fine ass sleeping next to him, and a marriage certificate on the bedside table.
  • After introductions and poor acting, Alexa makes her intentions known.
  • Sebastian tries to put her off by behaving all rowdy. Some upskirt,  ass-biting and groping ensue, but Alexa manages to 'put him to sleep'.
  • No nudity - Alexa taunting Sebastian with some provocative lingerie - she wants him to admit that she could indeed be irresistible.
  • Sebastian scoring some points this time by barging into Alexa's shower - she reminds him that she's naked, but he tells her it wouldn't really matter as she's practically naked all the time.


Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A Tribute to Annamaria Clementi

As blog regulars must know by now, Annamaria Clementi is one of my favourite Italian beauties. Not very well known outside her country, she surely deserves to be in the all-time list of Italian bombshells. It didn't help that she hasn't had the chance to work in any of the better Italian films. Besides, very few of even the ones she worked in have ever been digitally remastered. It is depressing to imagine these negatives gathering dust, or worse still, being destroyed.

So here's a fitting tribute to 'la donna bellissima e sexy italiana (e amica)' - Annamaria Clementi, made from her films featured in the blog so far The soundtrack is a great song from one of my favourite Italian singer-composers, Patty Pravo. I hope you guys enjoy the tribute as much as the music.

By the way, Ms. Clementi was also the first person to see this tribute, after I sent her a personal copy. It was gracious of her to have not only acknowledged the DVD, but also informing me how much she enjoyed it. Since she doesn't act these days - she mainly works in the casting and make-up department - this sure must have brought back some (hopefully fond) memories. I can also tell with reasonable certainty that Annamaria Clementi has aged rather magnificently - I will post some pictures upon her approval.

Annamaria Clementi - a tribute

Download Tribute:
Mirror 1: FileServe
Mirror 2: Filesonic



Sunday, 12 June 2011

Solveig Dommartin in "Der Himmel über Berlin" BR720 [W.Germany, 1987]

This post is more of an excuse to write something about the first German film I remember seeing - Wim Wender's "Der Himmel über Berlin" [Eng. Title: Wings of Desire] when it was broadcast on TV over twenty years ago.

At the time, 'Wings of Desire' struck me as probably the most perfect film ever made - of course, that was based on the spotty teenager's limited exposure to cinema back then.

Watching it again recently, I still find it sleek and serene - it cuts through you without noticing, giving a new perspective on the way things are, and most of all is life affirming, and leaves you with a warm glow inside. But what is still breathtaking (even more so in Blu-ray) is the superlative cinematography. The smooth-as-silk direction, intricate editing, and excellent script combine to produce what can only be called a cinematic masterpiece. If you haven't watched this already, it is a film worth going miles to see. Needless to say, Highly Recommended Viewing..!

The film follows two angels as they watch benignly over 1980's Berlin. They walk around people unseen and listen to their thoughts, and when needed 'touch them' gently and move on. They however return to some people, and theirs are the little stories we follow in the film. You have an old age pensioner who spends most of his time in the library gathering knowledge so he could tell stories to people willing to listen, a film shoot starring Peter Falk who plays his brilliant self, and beautiful Marion, a trapeze artist who's just about to perform her last show for the season. These scenes are shot in black and white, as seen by the angels from a detached perspective - it is when the angels feel human emotion that the screen changes to colour. One of the angels Damiel, falls in love with Marion and chooses to give up his immortality to experience life as it is, and of course meet the woman of his affections. But to call this film a romantic fantasy would belittle the profound insight into human character and behaviour that the film brings to fore.

Brief nude scene: Solveig Dommartin
In the only nude scene in the film, Damiel watches over Marion as she broods over the circus closing down so soon, and the screen changes into colour. Marion is played by beautiful French actress Solveig Dommartin.

Solveig Dommartin in Der Himmel über Berlin

Solveig Dommartin
This is just to show how multifaceted an actress Solveig Dommartin was - she does the trapeze act herself, and in a scene also sings in her own voice.

Solveig Dommartin - Trapeze


Saturday, 11 June 2011

Lucia Mascino & Anna Mascino in "L'eredità di Caino" [2007 Italy]

I revisited Sebastiano Montresor's directorial debut, "L'eredità di Caino" [Eng. Title: The Heritage of Cain"] with some more background information about the work. The title alludes to a collection of works by Austrian author Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, and the film is an interpretation of one of his novellas "Venus in Furs" (Ger. Venus im Pelz).

I haven't read 'Venus in Furs' - so my only knowledge of the story in whatever form is through a Jesus Franco film by the same name.

But Montresor's interpretation is a different animal altogether, ambitious in its scope and experimental in the way it discards traditional story-telling methods, and deconstructs the characters into exaggerated - even distorted versions of themselves in order to portray the 'supersensualism' of Lui the protagonist, as he debases himself in front of the 'Venus' he so covets.

Here's what I gathered from the film. As part of an arrangement, Lui degrades himself in order to win the affections of Wanda (Venus, Mistress), in the same manner he becomes a willing slave of prostitute Anna - his goal - shall we say is 'sexual bliss', symbolised by a naked woman whose face is encased in a gas mask. We see Lui realising the truth about himself and the object of his fetish as the film progresses.

The film has a claustrophobic feel about it, shot entirely within a chequered black and white space. Some of the visual elements are reminiscent of a Peter Greenaway, but while I am unsure of some of the symbolism - like Wanda in a bathtub filled with milk and some rather unsavoury flies - they contain striking imagery nevertheless. There are also a couple of unpleasant scenes where Lui (uninhibitedly played by Filippo Trini) performs some degrading acts upon himself, looked on by a plainly unmoved Wanda, and the ever-present masked woman. One could reasonably assume the film is highly stylised, with Montresor pulling out all stops to make his scenes as he puts it, 'hyper-realistic' - even if it means resorting to theatrics.

The film is however beautifully composed, with some interesting editing and sound. This sure is a unique film, with some bold performances by actors depicting some shockingly perverse acts. I've made a couple of compilations for this post (with a degree of trepidation nevertheless), featuring Lucia Mascino who plays Wanda, and Anna Mascino who plays prostitute Anna. More about the film can be found in the official website.

Compilation 1: Lucia Mascino
It includes scenes of Lui debasing himself in front of Wanda, as it turns out, for no apparent benefit. The girl in the mask is played by 'Heidee'.

Lucia Mascino in L'eredità di Caino

Compilation 2: Anna Mascino
Scenes of Lui with the prostitute Anna. There's also some naked dancing to rock and roll..!

Anna Mascino in L'eredita di Caino


Thursday, 9 June 2011

Inma Cuesta & Clara Lago in "Primos" [2011 Spain]

Daniel Sánchez Arévalo's film, "Primos" [Eng. Title: Cousinhood] is one of those typical feel-good romantic comedies churned out at this time of year.

After Diego is dumped by his fiancée at the altar, cousins Julián and Miguel decide to cheer him up by taking him to a coastal village where they spent their summers growing up. Diego catches up with Martina, his childhood sweetheart, now a single mum. While he tries to win her back, Julián gets interested in Clara - a girl he'd shunned earlier because she was too young - she's now all grown up and pretends to be a prostitute to annoy her alcoholic father. The film is easy to watch, mildly funny and intelligent at times - but on the whole, a bit shallow. It is however full of pretty girls in summer clothes and sunshine - easy viewing as I said.

Compilation: Inma Cuesta and Clara Lago

Inma Cuesta and Clara Lago in Primos

Scene Guide:
  • Little Danny advices war veteran Miguel that he needs to seek professional help for his depression, and also asks him to open his eye lest he miss seeing his mum Martina topless at the beach. Martina meanwhile notices Diego covering his hard-on, having turned on by the sight of her tits, but she's rather cool to his clumsy overtures. Martina is played by señorita muy hermosa Inma Cuesta.
  • There's no nudity in this scene but it is sexy. Julián doesn't believe Clara's claims of being a prostitute. He asks her to give him thirteen minutes to prove he could make her happy - provided both pretend to be in love during the time. The scene is actually funny and sexy, as Clara turns out to be one heck of a prick-tease. Clara is played by chíquita bonita Clara Lago.


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Francesca Neri in "Las Edades de Lulú" [1990 Spain]

Bigas Luna revelled in pushing the envelope, especially when it came to exploring the darker recesses of the human mind - he certainly does in the 1990 drama, "Las Edades de Lulú" [Eng. Title: The Ages of Lulu].

Despite a plethora of such films in his filmography, it'd been difficult even for hardened critics to dismiss Sr. Luna's work outright as exploitative. It's because Luna's films doesn't only depict the depravity of his characters. On many occasions, they are honest attempts to dig deep into his subjects' mind and look at things from their perspective. Besides, most of his subjects are female, and he certainly knows a thing or two about women.

What makes me mad at times however, is not so much his choice of subject or the frankness with which it is portrayed, but his unwillingness to develop the other key characters adequately. Honourable exceptions apart, like La Femme de Chambre du Titanic, La Teta y la Luna , and Jamón Jamón to name a few, his screenplay leave the same impression as unfinished artworks - it's as if he'd lost interest halfway.

The same happens in "Las Edades de Lulú". While the protagonist (Lulú) is given the required depth and texture, thanks also due to fine acting, the other main characters like her husband and brother are totally unidimensional - almost caricatures, due to which some of the decisions made by Lulú are not explained convincingly.

Apart from this great big hole, it is not a bad film at all - it could however have been a great film. It certainly starts off with a bang - more like a slap to the audiences' face, by giving us an upfront view of Lulú's vagina as she's attended by her mother - of course, Lulú is a tiny baby. The film also carries a twisted sense of humour, like in the scene where Pablo proposes to Lulú immediately after sodomising her - forget about timing - talk about irony..!

I've made these compilations from a recently re-released DVD, with some restored footage, and the quality is pretty good.

Compilation 1: The Initiation
Adolescent Lulú is infatuated with Pablo, her brother's best friend. Returning from a concert, Lulú lets Pablo know she's not too keen on being driven home immediately. He'd been toying with her all evening - telling her how to behave and what to eat. She's now like putty in his hands. After a brief scene in the car, Pablo takes Lulú to his studio, and starts to 'make her perfect', before taking her virginity. The scene, if anything, is unsettling, considering Lulú's age and Pablo's desire to make her look even younger by default. While shaving her vagina, he asks her to narrate her first masturbatory experience (apparently with a flute). When she tells him that her brother also came to know about it, he asks her if he had ever touched her - she replies in the negative. Lulú is portrayed by the fine Italian actress Francesca Neri, both as adolescent and adult.

Francesca Neri in Las Edades de Lulú

Compilation 2: Love, and Marriage

Francesca Neri in Las Edades de Lulú

Scene Guide:
  • Pablo returns from the US, and for all his maturity, brings Lulú a vibrator for a present - 'American flute' as he puts it. She complains about its 'coldness', and just as she's getting used to it, Pablo intervenes, and deflowers her again - this time through the back door. He then proposes to a still-in-pain Lulú.
  • Pablo and Lulú get married. In probably the best erotic scene in the film, interestingly shot and edited, Pablo and Lulú 'take a walk on the wild side'.
  • Lulú the housewife begins to assert her growing sexual superiority.

Compilation 3: María Barranco and Francesca Neri
Pablo introduces Lulú to 'Transvestite Cruising', and they bump into a feisty Ely, who soon becomes friends. In a restaurant, Ely notices Lulú ogling at her tits, so she takes them out, and claims they're all natural. Lulú's inquisitiveness naturally extends to exploring Ely's 'package' under the belt - oh well, it's all fun. However, it is the final scene that is moving, when we see Ely excluded from the proceedings - sad to watch. They apologise and console her later. Ely is magnificently played by María Barranco, a talented character actress.

Maria Barranco and Francesca Neri in Las Edades de Lulú

Compilation 4: The Incest
After a party, Pablo acts out one of his fantasies with an unsuspecting Lulú, by inviting her brother for a threesome, which she's made aware of only at the time of climaxing. The scene is transgressive in typical Bigas Luna style, but the initial kisses between Lulú and her brother are hard not to be turned on by, even if the brother's motive for participating in incest isn't made fully clear (the poor casting didn't help either). There's a brief but explicit cunnilingus scene and some close-ups which are oddly body-doubled for Francesca Neri (by Natalia Dicenta) - odd because of the next compilation.

Francesca Neri in Las Edades de Lulú

Compilation 5: The Orgy, leading to a seedy Underworld
After what happened after the party, Lulú decides to leave Pablo. Interestingly, she explains that incest wasn't the actual reason - even though that had never been 'part of her plans' - it was just the straw that broke the camel's back. She rightly feels being used to meet Pablo's every new kink, and is tired of still being treated as if she were a little girl. Now free and alone, she decides to experiment with her own fantasies - starting with participation in a gay orgy. There is some explicit male nudity in this compilation - download at your own confidence.

Francesca Neri in Las Edades de Lulú

Scene Guide:
  • Inquisitive Lulú picks up three overtly homosexual guys and take them to her flat. Unusual role here for Javier Bardem as a gay gigolo, which he nevertheless does it with his customary exuberance. There is some very brief cunnilingus, but certainly without a body double - this is a panned shot of Neri with Bardem and another actor.
  • Lulú accidentally gets into seedy Remy's books, who conducts S&M orgies for discerning clients. She was only looking for some action without having to pay each time, but is soon made aware of the fact that she's asked for more than she'd bargained for. A lot of the characters here are not just stereotyped but clearly distorted - as if the producers have threatened to pull the plug if the message 'gay is bad' is not clearly delivered - mind you - we're talking about the late 80's. However, at one point it appears that Francesca Neri may actually have been 'rimmed' by one of the actors - and there's certainly no body-double involved.


Sunday, 5 June 2011

Annamaria Clementi & Gloria Guida in "L'Infermiera di Notte" [1979 Italy]

It's Guilty Pleasure Time...!

I've been postponing this for a couple of months and it's about time it went up. Mariano Laurenti's 1970's Italian sex comedy, "L'Infermiera di Notte" [Eng. Title: Night Nurse] could be totally forgotten as another below average film in its genre, if not for signorina bellissima Annamaria Clementi.

She's at her sexiest best here even while appearing only in three scenes - individual sketches on their own, and having no bearing whatsoever on the main film.

But to do justice to Guida fans out there, I'm compiling the other nude scenes too.

Here's the story - Lucia keeps a tight rein at home on her horny dentist-husband Nicola, but who freely fools around at work, including patient Zaira. Lucia's long lost 'rich' uncle Saverio is brought to her home - apparently bedridden. He wants to write his final will before dying. The uncle is in fact already dead, and a friend of his has taken his place - to get his hands on a precious diamond hidden amongst Lucia's old crystal chandelier. To keep the 'uncle' in good books, Angela is employed as night nurse to take care for him.

Compilation 1: Paola Senatore, Gloria Guida, and Francesca Romana Coluzzi

Paola Senatore and Gloria GUida in L'infermiera di notte

Scene Guide:
  • Zaira tells Nicola off for flirting with another patient's niece Angela. He then shows her his newly arrived dentist's chair. Zaira is played by Paola Senatore, who was still beautiful at the time.
  • No nudity but sexy - Zaira's in mood for some fun, but Nicola is tired after a 'busy' night with wife Lucia. He therefore asks her, "...since you're already here, why not get yourself a dental check-up love..!". Happy wife comes visiting, and he tucks Zaira away in the x-ray room.
  • Nocila's assistant is sent to hand over Zaira's knickers she'd left behind. Apparently she doesn't normally wear them - only for Nicola (and now his assistant)!
  • Silly mayhem - Nicola heats up uncle's room so he could see poor little Angela sweat and take her kit off to get some air, which happens predictably. The best part of the comedy however is later in the scene when Angela tells the Saverio that he'd just been dreaming about seeing her naughty bits. Angela is played by the very dishy Gloria Guida.
  • Nicola doing the rounds notices his wife Lucia asleep outside the door to Gloria's room - he suddenly discovers what he's been missing and pounces on her. Lucia is played by Francesca Romana Coluzzi.
  • Nicola's son Carlo falls for Angela and upon advice from his dad, decides to make her 'pregnant'. Almost the whole of the second half of the film is taken up by their romance - oh and Guida sings a whole song too (don't worry- it's not included here).

Compilation 2: Annamaria Clementi
Annamaria Clementi plays Nicola's neighbour downstairs. She's the wife of a not-so-successful boxer. Apparently he must not be good in bed either, hence she targets Nicola's son Carlo - a student doing pharmacology. These are certainly sexy and funny, and possibly the only reason to watch the film (or own the DVD, as in my case).

Annamaria Clementi in L'infermiera di Notte

Scene Guide:
  • Annamaria interrupts Carlo on his way to college to come in for a moment and check her, and perhaps use his magic 'touch' to massage those areas where it apparently hurts. When Carlo learns that her hubby is a boxer, he quietly sneaks out.
  • The second time - it's a hard-to-reach tap that needs looking into, and only Carlo with his reach can help. He get started with Annamaria as well, but when he learns the hubby is in the toilet, he leaves hastily. Carlo's father sees him leave the neighbour's flat and comes in enquiring.
  • This time, Annamaria welcomes Carlo in the buff, and drags the shocked bloke into bed, but when hubby gets knocked out very early during a match, he had to be brought home, disrupting the party.


Saturday, 4 June 2011

Leticia Brédice & Dolores Fonzi in "Plata Quemada" [2000 Argentina, Uruguay, Spain]

Marcelo Piñeyro is one of the important and exciting Argentinian directors contributing to the recent film 'renaissance' in his country. He has also made a habit of making award-winning films, and the crime drama "Plata Quemada" [Eng. Title: Burnt Money] is one of them, which also won a Goya the following year.

Based on a true story, the film recreates the relationship between a duo of bank robbers in 1960's Argentina, and their final heist with an accomplice that goes completely wrong.

Nene and Ángel are close friends, lovers, and robbers - they take up an assignment too lucrative to let go, but things don't go according to plan afterwards and they flee to neighbouring Uruguay to lay low for a while, only for the closing-in net to tighten. I'll refrain from giving away the details just in case you want to watch the film. All I'd add is, it is an excellently directed film with fine performances from all the main actors, and an awesome soundtrack. This film is definitely Recommended Viewing.

Compilation 1: Dolores Fonzi
Vivi is the girlfriend of Cuervo who'd been drafted in as the driver for Nene and Ángel for the heist. Vivi is played by sexy little minx Dolores Fonzi - even if there's only brief nudity in her scenes, it is definitely interesting.

Dolores Fonzi in Plata Quemada

Scene Guide:
  • Sexy scene of Vivi making out with her boyfriend, who doesn't stop even atfer noticing Nene watching them - kinky Vivi tells Cuervo that she wouldn't mind a threesome after all.
  • A police raid and its all over for poor little Vivi.

Compilation 2: Leticia Brédice
Party girl Giselle entices Nene at a fun-fair in Uruguay, Nene obliges as she could be a useful cover - even the police know Nene and Ángel are lovers. He lies to her that he's married with kids back in Argentina, but she's a clever girl and could see past them. They have passionate sex, but when he tries to treat her as just another 'lay' afterwards, she makes him change his mind in this sexy scene. Giselle is very well played by Leticia Brédice, so well that one could see Leonardo Sbaraglia who plays Nene actually 'quite happy' to be in her company.

Leticia Brédice in Plata Quemada


Friday, 3 June 2011

Diana Simona Gasparini & co in "VigasioSexploitation" [2010 Italy]

If I presumed Sebastiano Montresor's "VigasioSexploitation" to be not as interesting as "VigasioSexploitation 2", I was pleasantly proved wrong. While part 2 was crazy, part 1 is both crazy and surreal, reminiscent of early Buñuel, but also treading different genres like film noire and slapstick.

In some ways, I regard 'VigasioSexploitation-1' as more experimental and creatively engaging than the second, where Montresor explores his theory of de-constructing the film both physically and metaphorically, almost to the level of ancient folk theatre, only - instead of a narrator, you have intertitles like those used in silent films. The sound design, while basic, works extremely well for the film - becoming essential to narrate the story. Even the screen palette is drained of colour and contrast to recreate the sense of dreaming, or a thought-process. The 'faceless' but ridiculously sexy 'soft machine' not only intrigues the protagonist, but the viewers too as we are asked to use our own imagination to put a face to her body. We can see what Montresor means by 'Agrestic' cinema.

The film also uses rustic symbolism to drive home some points, hilarious at times, but thought provoking all the same, like the underwater scene of a woman every time the spreading 'virus' is mentioned. The film as a whole is refreshing, radical, and entertaining . If you're open to experiencing something unconventional, you'll love this film., which is one way of saying, "okay, this may not be exactly mainstream, but what the heck - it's all good fun." Recommended Viewing.

Synopsis: Aliens are invading the earth, using 'soft machines' that take the shape of suppressed desires - it is up to Agent Danger and Eva to save mankind from being completely run over. They are aided by Gamma, and her 'sacred chainsaw'.

Compilation 1: Diana Simona Gasparini
Returning from work, Agent Danger see 'Soft Machine' waiting for him - all nude, save the soap-box on her head, and she readily offers herself. The character reminds me of a scene in Dana Rotberg's 'Otilia Rauda', even if they're completely different kind of films. The scenes in the compilation are self-explanatory, you only need to follow the intertitles!

Diana Simona Gasparini in VigasioSexploitation

Note: For those desperate to see Diana 'unmasked', check out the 'making of' scenes in Sebastiano Montresor's website. Here's one however from her Linked-in page where she's at least partially unmasked.
Diana Simona Gasparini

Compilation 2: Diana Simona Gasparini, Stefania Visconti, & Emma Nitti

Diana Simona Gasparini, Stefania Visconti, & Emma Nitti in VigasioSexploitation

Scene Guide:
  • Soft Machines cheat in cards too - apparently.
  • "Behold thy Sacred Chainsaw" - that's Gamma granting Eva the ultimate weapon needed to destroy the Soft Machine - the gags are of the "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" kind. Gamma is played by Stefania Visconti. I think there's a reason why she stands cross-legged, apart from it helping her look majestic. Google her name and you'll know what I mean.
  • A view of Diana Simona Gasparini that Fellini would have appreciated. 'Soft Machine' lays the egg that spell's doom for pig-faced Dr. Munoz.
  • Agent Danger is in danger himself, and Eva comes to his rescue, only to be seduced herself by the Soft Machine. Eva is played by pretty Emma Nitti.
  • It's eggnog time..!
  • The final showdown - Eva is now prisoner and the chainsaw gets into evil hands. We need another sacred chainsaw now.


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Susana Falcone in "Los Paranoicos" [2008 Argentina]

Argentinian director Gabriel Medina's excellent debut feature "Los Paranoicos" [Eng. Title: The Paranoids] is a subdued romantic comedy about a shy and sensitive, aspiring screenwriter conquering the little demons that are holding him back.

Luciano makes a living performing in kids' parties as 'Cachito', while working on his first script for film. His friend Manuel, having become a successful producer of a Television series called "Los Paranoicos" in Spain, returns to Argentina to firm up proposals for adapting his series into a feature film. His girlfriend Sofia tags along, but refuses to stay with Manuel's parents while he's gone on a business trip, opting to stay at Luciano's flat instead. She finds Luciano to be the antithesis of Manuel in many ways - and with whom she could just be herself. When Manuel returns from his trip, he notices a change in both of them - all three would now have to come to terms with this change.

It is a straightforward story, but what sets this apart is its original and engaging screenplay. The direction is also refreshing - by keeping it simple, he allows his talented cast to deliver, and they do. Medina is another promising Latin American director who should have a bright future. I loved watching this little gem, and needless to say - Highly Recommended Viewing..!

Nude Scene: Susana Falcone
In the only nude scene in the film, Luciano arrives for a kid's birthday party only to be told it had been cancelled - the poor kid isn't in a mood to celebrate after his dad had just left home for good. The mother too is in need of some 'lovin', and Luciano obliges. The mother is played by Susana Falcone.