Monday, 18 April 2011

Sabila Moussadek & others in "Sans Queue ni Tête" [2010 France]

Jeanne Labrune's 2010 drama, "Sans Queue ni Tête" [Eng. Title: Special Treatment] is an interesting observation of its protagonists - one, Xavier, a psychoanalyst, and the other, prostitute Alice - both are experienced in their respective professions, but are reaching a kind of dead-end where neither one of them want to carry on doing what they're doing and decide to seek help. Xavier's wife of many years has just left him, he is no longer keen to listen to his patients' woes, and instead feels that venting his sexual urges with a prostitute would help rejuvenate him. Alice meanwhile is going through a crisis of her own and wants to talk to someone who can help with her desire to quit what she's doing. Both these needs cross paths, and after several setbacks, achieve their respective goals.

The film is well made, and Isabelle Huppert plays the role of Alice with her usual elegance. There's however no nudity from her in this film, provided instead from other characters.

The first one is of Sabila Moussadek, who plays Alice's friend and fellow prostitute, Juliette. The second is when Xavier takes a ride down a sex den of sorts where bizarre acts happen. If you really need to know, the girl on the cross is Marine Drouhet, and the woman with the pig is Malika Benhadj. The compilation below was cut from my DVD.

Sabila Moussadek in Sans Queue ni Tête

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