Thursday, 28 April 2011

Belén López & Marina Gatell in "Intrusos en Manasés" [2008 Spain]

I'm not a great fan of spooky films, but decided to watch one, if only to catch a glimpse of the dishy Marina Gatell - Juan Carlos Claver's film, "Intrusos en Manasés" [Eng. Title: God's Forgotten Town].

Watching the film only reminded me why I don't enjoy horror films - the plot usually involve people behaving stupidly by courting trouble for no rhyme or reason. Paranormal magazine journalist Julia and her team of three visit a remote village called Manasés on one of their assignments. Apparently the entire inhabitants of the village disappeared after a Nazi plane transporting to Berlin an ancient South American 'mystical' relic that would have enabled them to win the war crashes nearby, thwarting Hitler's plans - now that's what I call providence!

In the village, buildings appear intact but not a living soul's in sight. After arrival, the crew are bedevilled by poltergeist activity and frequent terrorising by Nazi ghosts (and it is funny when one of the guys still doesn't believe that there's anything untoward happening). A young girl-ghost finally comes forward to help save the beleaguered crew. I'm over-simplifying events, but the film is nevertheless rubbish, even if it is technically well made.

Anyway, the brief compilation below is of Julia having a bath, played by Belén López, and Syra the video cameraman, changing into something comfortable - Syra is played by Marina Gatell. These were cut directly from DVD.


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