Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Maria Grazia Cucinotta & Simona Borioni in "La Bella Società" [2010 Italy]

Gian Paolo Cugno's film, "La Bella Società" [Eng. The Good Society] is a family drama spanning forty years of the lives of two Sicilian brothers. The film covers various sociological/historical events during the period that challenged deep rooted values within traditional Sicilian society.

Young Giuseppe and Giorgio are protective of their mother Maria - after their father had been taken away by gangsters several years ago. Even if Maria is resigned to the fact that he is no longer alive, the boys are in denial, and when she meets and falls in love with a casting director from Rome, they go to extraordinary lengths to discourage her lover. This leads to an unfortunate accident in which the casting director gets killed and Giorgio, blinded. When Maria discovers he truth, the shock causes a miscarriage, and she too dies, leaving Giuseppe to take care of his brother from a very young age. He becomes protective of his brother too, and when they grow up, a time will come when they will need to go their separate ways.

The film has some decent production values, and the cinematography offers some great views of both Sicily and Turin, where bulk of the events take place. On the whole, the film is well made and worth watching. The compilation includes some non-nude scenes too, but they are blog-related, and cut from my DVD.

Maria Grazia Cucinotta & Simona Borioni in La Bella Società

Scene Guide:
  1. No nudity but some sexy cleavage. Maria gets discovered by a casting director and is put into a sexy role in his film, but she's not too happy at being touched by her co-star, and needs a lot of persuading. Maria is played by the Maria Grazia Cucinotta.
  2. Maria soon falls in love with the casting director, and one day, the boys discover them making love.
  3. A short scene where Giorgio plays with his girlfriend Caterina. They fell in love after he rescues her from some left wing terrorists while staying in Turin. Caterina is played by Simona Borioni.
  4. Giorgio is in Turin for an operation to restore his sight, which he does momentarily, and he and Caterina make love. But when the strain on his eyes lead to him losing sight again, he is panic struck.


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