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Rita Rusic in "Attila, Flagello di Dio" BR1080 [1982 Italy]

Franco Castellano and Giuseppe Moccia made this bawdy historical spoof, "Attila, Flagello di Dio" [Eng. Title: Attila, Wrath of God] with popular comedian Diego Abatantuono. Apparently this film had attained a cult status among a particular generation of Italians for its witty dialogue. While I found the film funny in places, some of the jokes simply went past me as they're spoken in regional slang.

The reason for this post however is for the very dishy Rita Rusic who plays Uraia, Attila's woman. The film was shelved for a number of years because of her nude scenes - she's a producer herself now, and possibly didn't want to be associated with the film at the time. But good things can't be bottled up forever - it has now come out in Blu-ray, in all its restored glory from which these compilations were made

The film depicts Attila as an accidental invader perfectly happy roaming the countryside with his bunch of misfits and picking fights with the Romans. One day when he and his men return from a hunt, they see their village gutted, and women gone after a raid by the Romans. Attila heads to Rome to seek revenge - what incensed him was the fact that they'd taken the horses too! After a series of Monty Python-style misadventures, Attila returns with his woman and gold. Overall it isn't a terrible film at all, and I did like the film score very much, and of course, lovely Rita doesn't get to wear anything apart from bikini's for much of the film, so definitely worth taking a look even for non-Italians.

Compilation 1: Rita Rusic

Rita Rusic in Attila Flagello di Dio

Scene Guide:
  • No nudity but sexy - when Uraia is kidnapped by Romans while toiling in the field.
  • The Centurian gets Uraia washed and brought to his tent. Rita Rusic shows us some of her martial art and horse riding skills as she escapes wearing nothing but a thong, and also climbs on to a tree to hide until the following morning. This is supposed to be shown as a night scene, but I removed the filter for the sake of this post, and thanks to the Blu-ray quality, I think I just got away with it.
  • No nudity, but some sexy barbarism from Uraia against the Romans before escaping with Attila.

Compilation 2: Anna Kanakis and an uncredited actress
Anna Kanakis plays the deceitful mermaid luring Attila and his men in the sea. There is however no mention in the film credits of the woman who plays the helpful Centaura - she shows Attila and Uraia the way to Rome.

Anna Kanakis in Attila Flagello di Dio


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