Sunday, 17 April 2011

Penélope Velasco in "Café Solo o con Ellas" [2007 Spain]

Álvaro Díaz Lorenzo's debut film "Café Solo o con Ellas" [Eng. Title: Love Espresso] is a fairly ordinary brat-pack comedy set in Madrid - all the characters are cliché. The film's about a group of guys - friends, and their various adventures with picking-up/winning back women.

I simply cannot bother with a detailed review here as there is really nothing to write about - you can just read the scene guide for who is who below. The compilation however, was made from a good quality DVD.

Penélope Velasco and Silvia Juliá in Café Solo o con Ellas

Scene Guide:
  • Uncredited actress - she's one of several girls the guy beds - shame you have some titles interrupting, but still interesting view. The girl wants him to change positions so she could see his face as it apparently turns her on, but he likes to look at her ass instead, and hands her his photo ID so she can look at his face in it.
  • The guy returns home to hear moans in his room - he thinks his girlfriend is cheating on him and barges in, only to see his brother with his girlfriend. He knew he was arriving, but thought it was the next day. The girlfriend is played by Silvia Juliá.
  • This is the best of the lot - a worried guy (Pedro) barges in while his friend is having sex with a girl he picked up that evening, Sara. When Pedro is asked to leave, Sara interrupts and says she doesn't mind him staying at all - and asks her guy to hear Pedro out. Pedro and Sara introduce each other and he goes on to have a serious conversation with her, including tips for winning back his girlfriend, and all the time Sara hasn't stopped riding her fella. Sara is played by Penélope Velasco.


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