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Macarena Gómez & co in "Carne de Neón" [2011 Spain, Argentina]

Paco Cabezas remade "Carne de Neón" [Eng. title: Neon Flesh] for the big screen, after the earlier success of his TV version. What was initially a comedy had turned into a comedy thriller, and I think he just about managed to pull it off. I wasn't expecting too much from this film, but was pleasantly surprised by its high level of production. The stylish cinematography and editing compliments the soundtrack and, for what is essentially an action-packed film, pretty well made. Add to that, there is also a dark sense of humour pervading through the film - so whether people take what they see at face value, or look beyond the narrative, they will be entertained - a sure recipe for box-office success.

Ricky is a hustler, and works the streets alongside prostitutes and transvestites. He's been doing this from the age of twelve when his prostitute-mother gets imprisoned. He'd been saving money to start a classy club-brothel of his own, and make his mum proud when she gets released - that was actually her ambition. She is released, but alas, she is now also suffering from Alzheimer's disease and doesn't even remember she has a son, but Ricky takes her with him nevertheless. This mother-son bonding is happening amidst the backdrop of flesh trade, gang warfare, pornography and the like. There are several elements to the plot, and I don't want to throw in spoilers for those who want to watch it. Rest assured, it is worthwhile. The DVD is out, from which these scenes were cut, and Recommended Viewing..!

Compilation 1:
Florencia Limonoff, Maria Zamarbide, Agatha Fresco, Vanessa Oliveira & others

Florencia Limonoff, Maria Zamarbide, Agatha Fresco, Vanessa Oliveira & others in Carne de Neón

Scene Guide:
  • Ricky and his friend Angelito visit a flesh market to pick up some fresh girls for their new establishment. The girl who strips in front of everyone is Florencia Limonoff.
  • Angelito wanted to give the new girls some 'training', but just couldn't perform during the hour of need, instead he makes friends with them by showing a picture of his dog.
  • A quick parade of topless girls - the blonde one is Maria Zamarbide.
  • This scene would not be funny in real life, but quite hilarious here. Marisa and her husband have paid 30,000 Euro to get themselves a baby through Ricky. Ricky's mum is supposed to perform the errands, by taking the lady to he beach to complete the transaction, and taking Mobila, a young black woman to the grocery store where she'll perform in a porno shoot. Either due to her illness, or on purpose, Ricky's mum drops Mobila at the beach, and takes Marisa to the grocery store. When Mobila's boyfriend barges into the store looking for her, he instead finds this poor old lady getting banged doggy-style by a stud (the only instance of frontal nudity in the film). Either she's having the worst day of her life, or finally getting her wildest fantasy fulfilled! Marisa is played by Agatha Fresco.
  • A montage of Mobila, played by beautiful Vanessa Oliveira.

Compilation 2:
Macarena Gómez, Blanca Suárez and some assorted nudes

Macarena Gómez and Blanca Suárez in Carne de Neón

Scene Guide:
  • Soledad is a junkie, pimped by Angelito. Here she asks him if she really should service customers in the new club as well. Soledad is played by Macarena Gómez,
  • Soledad getting beaten up by a customer, and Angelito takes cares of him. Nipples show through her meshed top in this and the above scene.
  • A topless and oiled up Soledad - signature shot of the film. Other assorted nudity.
  • No nudty but sexy upskirt tease - Veronica is the Police Commissioner's daughter who's being escorted back to her boarding school. Unfortunately Veronica seems to be the only character under-developed in the film. She's a prick-tease and has her eyes on one of the police officers escorting her. When her dad calls to check up on her, she fakes the conversation to the guys in front by giving the impression that she's having an incestuous relationship with her dad. The policemen get distracted and nearly cause an accident. Veronica is played by cute Blanca Suárez.
  • Veronica gets abducted by a gang leader as revenge for his son's death in custody. Her father comes to rescue, but is outwitted.


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