Monday, 7 March 2011

Renata Dancewicz in "Diabelska Edukacja" [1995 Poland, Germany]

Renata Dancewicz in Diabelska Edukacja

My first Polish film in the blog, even if I had already introduced a Polish born director earlier, the incomparable Walerian Borowczyk.

Agreed, this isn't actually mainstream, but it is a pretty well made segment from a DVD of erotic tales produced in Germany in 1995, Janusz Majewski's "Diabelska Edukacja" [Eng. Title: Devilish Education].

The film is set sometime in the 19th century. Gosia, a beautiful and innocent farm girl catches the eye of the Devil while bathing in the lake. He takes the form of a gentleman artist and befriends her by showing drawings he had made of her while she bathed. He proceeds to awaken her sexuality, and initiates her into all the essentials for becoming a distinguished lady.

The film is exquisitely erotic, thanks to some very good direction, editing and art direction. I almost wished it were a feature length film on its own, even though it works well as it is. The DVD I purchased had hard-coded English subtitles on it, but despite that it doesn't affect the overall experience too much, since the dialogue is minimal. Goisa is played by Renata Dancewicz, a decent enough actress, but whose physical beauty could easily drive men crazy - she's ravishingly beautiful, and definitely worth judging for yourself.


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