Friday, 4 March 2011

Adriana Ugarte in "Cabeza de Perro" HDTV [2006 Spain]

Santi Amodeo's beautiful 2006 drama "Cabeza de Perro" [Eng. Title: Doghead] follows the fortunes of Samuel, a young lad with an unfortunate brain disorder where he would momentarily blank out and loose control over what he's doing.

After a party, Samuel falls asleep in the back of a van and ends up in Madrid - a city he's never been. He decides to stay put, and promptly finds himself a job, but finds the going tough when he loses it after one of his blank spells. He shares a flat initially with perky little pizza restaurant worker Consuelo, played by the muy linda Adriana Ugarte - she's just so adorable in this film. But he incurs her wrath after one of his blank-out spells in her room while she's asleep. He seeks her out and makes friends with her again.

The cinematography is excellent, the direction and screenplay combine to narrate a charming story, and the editing and special effects are spot on without any overcooking. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable film.

Scene descriptions from the compilation:
- Samuel's misadventure with a Consuelo while she sleeps topless in white panties
- a brief nipple-slip of Consuelo
- a friendlier Consuelo in the car with Samuel (no nudity but nice)
- Bonus scene: Ana Wagener, the MILF from the garage invites an innocent and homeless Samuel to crash at her home when he first arrives in Madrid.

Adriana Ugarte in Cabeza de Perro


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