Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Elena Serrano in "Ingrid" [2010 Spain]

Eduard Cortés' powerful Catalan drama "Ingrid" tells the story of a young performance artist - Ingrid, as observed by her neighbour, Àlex.

Ingrid befriends Àlex when he moves in to her block, and introduces him to her circle of friends, some of them fellow artists, but some, plain weirdos. The fascinated Àlex finds Ingird to be a free-spirited woman, pretty wild at times. She's also bisexual, and performs some extreme acts involving pain as part of her routines. We're also told a different story as the film progresses - about her erstwhile engagement to a French guy, who died in an 'accident', and how from then on, she has this need to experience physical pain through her art. The plot however turns sinister when Ingrid keeps meeting a group of men, led by her dead boyfriend's father at an abandoned mansion.

The film is technically superb with excellent cinematography, sound and lighting, and the editing is spot-on. The characterisation of the protagonists are well rounded and overall, it is a very well made film. Ingrid is played by cute, pretty and talented debutant, Elena Serrano. The scenes below were cut from a DVD.

Compilation 1:
Made from four scenes:
  1. Andrea the model, played by Lavinia Villa refuses to wear the mummy costume created for one of Ingrid's performance pieces, and Ingrid takes her place in this bizarre show. Other assorted nudes appear.
  2. The after-party spills into Ingrid's flat and Àlex wakes up to see Ingrid busy with a guy. When he asks her later if he's her boyfriend, she says he's just for fun - and that she prefers Mónica instead.
  3. Ingrid and Monica making out - no nudity but sexy. Mónica is played by Marta Morera.
  4. Ingrid tells a disappointed Diego not to get carried away, and that they're not in any serious relationship.
Elena Serrano in Ingrid

Compilation 2: No nudity
  1. Ingrid's friend Bea showing off her tattoo to Àlex. There's also a quick downblouse when Bea bends over to pick up something. Bea is played by Iris Aneas.
  2. A couple of performances by Ingrid - for those with special interest in the subject of bondage. The effects, if it indeed is the case, is quite convincing in the last scene.
Iris Aneas and Elena Serrano in Ingrid


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