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Catherine Leprince & co in "Vive les Femmes!" [1984 France]

Here's a very French sex comedy, and how aptly titled for this blog too..!

Claude Confortès's aptly titled 1984 comedy, "Vive les Femmes!" [Eng. Title: Long Live Women!] is an adaptation from a Jean-Marc Reiser comic strip, about the sexual shenanigans of a couple of flatmates, Bob and Mammouth, in the beaches of southern France.

The film stars a constellation of beauties from the eighties, including the gorgeous Pauline Lafont and pretty little minx Catherine Leprince (of-Bilitis-fame). I had posted this film a while ago elsewhere, but perhaps this blog will give the film a bit more exposure. Besides, these scenes were cut from a remastered DVD, and the quality needless to say, is pretty good.

It is a silly comedy, but in a charming way, and the sights and sounds of the beaches makes you wish it were summer now. And the bevy of some of the prettiest French actresses from the 80's is a treat in itself.

Compilation 1:
Catherine Leprince plays sexy school teacher Viviane, and this compilation is made of five different scenes, each a treat to watch:
  1. Another day dawns, and Viviane couldn't wait to take on the world.
  2. No nudity but a delightful scene in the class where the eager kids are given one heck of a upskirt show by teacher Viviane.
  3. Bob shamelessly propositions every girl in the beach - Viviane isn't interested in him even if she's desperate herself. She then tries his method on an unsuspecting tourist!
  4. Ginette, her friend gets hooked up with Bob, so Viviane drives back to Paris alone, but has a miserable time in the rain with a flat tyre, and no one's willing to stop by to help. No nudity but intermittent nipple-slips in wet summer clothes.
  5. Viviane has a row with her lover, the married Patrick.
Catherine Leprince in Vive les Femmes

Compilation 2:
The compilation is made of four scenes and include nudity by Cerise (Brigitte), comediane Michèle Bernier (Mimi, Patrick's wife), Michèle Brousse (Viviane's friend Ginette), Catherine Leprince (Viviane), and Pauline Lafont who plays the cafe girl Pauline.
  1. Funny scene - Bob brings home his date Brigitte. He also considers himself a bit of a stud, and Brigitte plays along.
  2. At the beach, Patrick is gazing at a sunbather while his wife Mimi is lying topless nearby. and gets jealous when she catches the attention of Mammouth.
  3. Viviane and Ginette go nude sunbathing in a secluded part of the beach, but are interrupted by Bob and Mammouth.
  4. They all get together for a party back in Paris, and Viviane gives one awesome well-lit striptease on top of the table, and prompts the others to follow suit. Pauline flings her panties in the dark which land on the street, where a blind man, played by the director himself, picks it up and joins their party.
Catherine Leprince and others in Vive les Femmes


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  1. This is a brilliant movie. Extracted from a comic book. Outstandingly funny and sexy.