Thursday, 24 March 2011

Carolina Crescentini in "20 Sigarette" BR720 [2010 Italy]

I was checking out Aureliano Amadei's autobiographical film, "20 Sigarette" [Eng. Title 20 Cigarettes] - because it had won a clutch of awards in the Venice Film Festival last year. I wasn't expecting to find any nude scenes in it, but there was indeed a quick flash from Carolina Crescentini as she puts on a t-shirt in the bathroom. I've included a few seconds of some additional sexy moments for the sake of this post, but they're nothing special - this is just for the record.

The film however is very well made, with some fine cinematography and screenplay. For a debut, it is an impressive achievement for Mr. Amadei, and I believe he'll do pretty well as a writer-director.

Amadei, an aspiring actor, finds himself chosen as an assistant director for a film which happens to be shot in Iraq just after the invasion. But on the very first day of their shoot, they come under attack and Amadei is among the few lucky to have survived. The rest of the film is about his coming to terms with what happened and re-evaluating his life. Ms. Crescentini plays Claudia, Amadei's friend and love interest. Recommended Viewing.


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