Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Amaia Salamanca in "Fuga de Cerebros" [2009 Spain]

Fernando Gonzalez Molina's 2009 film, "Fuga de Cerebros" [Eng. Title: Brain Drain] is possibly the worst Spanish film I've seen in a long time.

It seems to have drawn inspiration from films like American Pie and Revenge of the Nerds, but at least those were funny. This one desperately tries to be provocative but ends up looking in poor taste. I think this film is aimed at teenagers who usually sit in the back row of a classroom. Whatever the case, do yourself a favour by avoiding this - you'll save yourself some unnecessary anguish of having wasted two hours of your life.

A geeky bloke is madly in love with his childhood friend Natalie, only she doesn't notice it. He and his weird group of friends follow her all the way to Oxford where she's studying Medicine, by faking their grades and papers. During their stay, Natalie catches him in a compromising situation with a corpse from the morgue - she even asks her psychologist dad to help cure his necrophilia! And after all this, she ends up accepting the guy's love during the film's last minutes.

The only scene worth watching is here below - I'm merely saving you guys the effort of having to fast forward to this bit. The guy fantasises how he would get back in Natalie's good books after being caught on top of a dead body. Natalie is played by Amaia Salamanca. I've also added at the end a few seconds of the guy's friend posing with a dead woman in the morgue. By the way, the scene was cut from a DVD, so at least the quality is good.

Amaia Salamanca in Fuga de Cerebros


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