Thursday, 20 January 2011

Laetitia Casta and others in "Gitano" [2000 Spain]

I've never seen any of Manuel Palacios' films until now - and if the rest of his films are around the same standard of his 2000 film "Gitano" [Eng. Title: Gypsy], I'd be glad I didn't. This is an appalling film - with some amateurish direction, screenplay, acting and the rest. Apart from some decent soundtracks, this film has nothing much to crow about.

It's about a turf war between rival gypsy families, with several thin mini-plots within. Andrés returns after serving time for a crime he didn't commit. His 'family' egg him to avenge their honour. But the peace-loving Andrés is reluctant and wants to sort things out through talks. To complicate things, his wife Lucia has left him to live with a music producer and drug dealer. This is a very silly film, and I'm not going to bother with the rest of the details. Rest assured the only reason this film would even vaguely be remembered for is its assorted eye candy. The scenes below were cut from my DVD.

Compilation 1:

Cristina Peña & Marta Belaustegui in Gitano

Made of two scenes. The first part is of a lonely Andrés getting some much needed company in the form of a prostitute, played by Cristina Peña. The second part has less nudity but is probably the more interesting of the two. Lola, his brother's wife (and his wife's sister), confesses she was in love with him even before her sister Lucia. One evening Andrés gets beaten up by the police for paying a visit to Madrid, and Lola tends to his wounds. Pretty Marta Belaustegui plays the Lola character.

Compilation 2:

Laetitia Casta in Gitano

In the first part, Andrés' wife Lucia turns up at his house unexpected. He asks her to leave, but her charms prove irresistible. In the second part Lucia kills her drug dealing music producer-lover and asks Andrés to join her so that they could live a happy life together. When he calls her a whore and tries to leave, she shoots him too. After catching up with Lucia, he pins her to the ground at which point Lucia provocatively opens her dress and asks, "come on, don't you like this pussy any more?" French belle Laetitia Casta gives a terrible performance as the indifferent slut Lucia. She can't act, bless, but certainly more than make up for it through her physical assets.


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