Friday, 7 January 2011

Gaspar Noé's short, "Sodomites" [1998 France]

Just for a laugh, here's another face of respected director Gaspar Noé - he made this experimental piece of adult film "Sodomites" featuring a beastly looking Marc Barrow sodomising fellow pornstar Coralie, who in this film seems to bear a striking resemblance to Monica Bellucci (ah..! if only!).

It is actually quite funny, even if it's nothing but arty porn. This even reminds me of one of Gaspar Noé's own quotes from his IMDB bio:
"There is no line between art and pornography. You can make art of anything. You can make an experimental movie with that candle or with this tape recorder. You can make a piece of art with a cat drinking milk. You can make a piece of art with people having sex. There is no line. Anything that is shot or reproduced in an unusual way is considered artistic or experimental." (IMDB)

The quality of this video is not great but should be tolerated for it's rarity - I can't see M. Noé doing something as naughty as this anytime soon - I cut this years ago and don't know the original source. If I ever get hold of a proper version, this post will no doubt be updated.


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