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Analía Couceyro in "La Rabia" [2008 Argentina]

Albertina Carri's latest full length feature "La Rabia" [Eng. Title: Anger] is set in a small farming community somewhere among the vastness of the Pampas. The story centres around feuding neighbours - one's a widowed father living with his son, and one's a couple with their mute eight year old daughter. But unbeknown to the husband, Ale, the wife, is having an affair with the neighbour. The daughter has seen them in the act, even if Ale is completely oblivious that anyone could notice her. The daughter shows her disapproval by taking off her clothing - she does it everytime she gets angry.

It is a difficult film to watch, with prolonged takes - whether it is the butchering of an animal, the couple having rough sex, or the stillness of the landscape. However, it is beautifully filmed, and ably directed with very clear conviction by Sra. Carri. Scenes that would otherwise be far more graphic is covered with some surreal animation. The theme that runs throughout is the emptiness in the soul, as in the landscape. Analía Couceyro plays the wife's role pretty well, with some rather bold scene appearances.

I had reviewed this film elsewhere, but the scenes below are freshly cut and enhanced, even if the DVD quality wasn't particularly great. I improved it as much as I could.

Scene 1:
The scene starts off with the two lovers fooling around, as normal couples do, until the man hears a noise and pulls out his gun - only to realise it is Ale's daughter by the window. But when asked by Ale who it was, he answers, "nothing - just chasing away some dogs". The sex session they have afterwards is very physical - as if they were enacting some scene from a porn movie. The hubby notices and enquires about marks on Ale's neck when she gets home - her attitude is one of indifference bordering on nonchalance.

Analia Couceyro in La Rabia

Scene 2:
There is only brief nudity in this scene compilation, but what little there is, is explicit. We are shown the two sides of Ale - one as a nymphomaniac who doesn't give a damn about anything else, and the other as a caring mum. Towards the end of the scene, the children wander inside the house while the couple are still having sex, but the man simply covers Ale's face with her panty and continues what he was doing with even greater vigour.

Analía Couceyro in "La Rabia"


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