Friday, 21 January 2011

Elia Galera in "La Mujer Más Fea del Mundo" [1999 Spain]

Elia Galera in La Mujer Más Fea del Mundo

Miguel Bardem's 1999 tongue-in-cheek comedy "La Mujer Más Fea del Mundo" [Eng. Title: The Ugliest Woman in the World] may not be the best sci-fi film to come out of Spain, but it has a very original storyline.

Young Lola is considered ugly by everyone and is constantly taunted by children. Even her parents dump her in a convent, and she grows up under the care of a nun. An eighteen year old Lola finally meets a scientist/professor who's working on a beauty potion. He agrees to use her as a guinea pig, and his experiments turn out to be successful. But all the taunting in the early years has damaged Lola's soul, which couldn't be healed. She is now a psychopathic super-model - her victims invariably female models.

It isn't a bad film at all, its best technical aspect must however be its editing - smooth and exceptionally well done. Coincidentally, the story is set in 2011.

There is very little nudity, but what little there is, is definitely worth waiting for. Elia Galera who plays Lola gives us a well lit view of her simply stunning rack. Surely they MUST be among the most beautiful breasts in the world. And I can't believe she hasn't showed them more often. What a pity..!


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