Friday, 14 January 2011

Ana de la Reguera in "Hidalgo - La Historia Jamás Contada" [2010 Mexico]


Ana de la Reguera in 'Hidalgo - La historia jamás contada'

Antonio Serrano's 2010 biopic of Mexican priest-turned-revolutionary Miguel Hildalgo is more about his personal life than his conquests, and therefore aptly named, "Hidalgo - La Historia Jamás Contada" [Eng. Title: Hidalgo - The Untold Story].

While the film is fairly well made, it is nothing special, unlike the very very special - muy linda, muy hermosa Ana de la Reguera. She plays Josefa, the daughter of a wealthy man who falls in love with her dad's childhood friend, Miguel Hidalgo. The film delves into the various factors that influenced Hidalgo's beliefs and actions - recounted by Hidalgo himself from a prison cell as he awaits execution.

There's just one nude scene in the film, but I inserted from my DVD another brief scene displaying the gorgeous Srta. Reguera's tantalising cleavage as she arrives with her father to meet Hidalgo for the first time.


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