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Michela Cescon & Vanessa Incontrada in "Tutte le Donne della mia Vita" [2007 Italy]

Simona Izzo's film "Tutte le Donne della mia Vita" [Eng. Trans: All the Women in my life] is a bitter-sweet comedy about Davide, a forty-something star-chef reminiscing his life while recovering from a heart attack following a medication overdose. As the title hints, his recollections are mainly about the various women in his life, with some of whom he'd had affairs simultaneously. He's regretful of some of the decisions he'd made at the time and the hurt he'd caused.

The light treatment of the film's subject is meant for a wry look at love, indecision, and its consequences without using a moralistic tone - it acknowledges the fact that people view and deal with things differently. Having said that, I wasn't exactly enthused during the early part of the film as the characters were almost clichés, but gradually got into it as the film progressed, and liked the way it ends leaving a door open for certain possibilities. On the whole, an okay film with decent cinematography, locales, and competent acting from the cast, Spanish beauty Vanessa Incontrada's freckles merely being the icing on the cake.

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Compilation: Michela Cescon, Vanessa Incontrada,
Jane Alexander,
and Elena Bouryka
Some of the scenes include only brief instances of nudity, with tit/nipple slips or see through/transparent garments, but they're blog-related nevertheless, and interesting.

Michela Cescon, Vanessa Incontrada, Jane Alexander, and Elena Bouryka in Tutte le donne della mia vita

Scene Guide:
  • Davide introduces Stefania to his culinary expertise in post-coital bliss. The following morning Stefania is beside herself as she wanders around the beach after one of her customary panic attacks claiming she has bipolar disorder. Michela Cescon, playing Stefania shows she can do comedy, and also displays some of her charms in this film but I'll post one of her earlier films later, which shows her in different light altogether (pardon my intended pun).
  • The thought of the Monica suckling her child fills Davide with deep regret at the lost opportunity - he came close to marrying her, she who bore his child. She came into the picture when Davide was already seeing Stefania. But Stefania soon will be relegated to a predominantly telephone relationship. In this scene, she calls Davide even though she's aware he's living with Monica. Monica is played by sultry Spanish siren, the gorgeously freckled Vanessa Incontrada. A special almond milk for the mother and baby coming up...
  • Hell breaks loose when Monica discovers evidence of Davide's ongoing physical liaisons with Stefania.
  • Single again, Davide had been fooling around with Laura, the wife of his restaurant owner boss. In the scene she jumps into his bed with some good news - he'd just won a second Michelin star. Of course, he'll soon be fired after his boss discovers he'd been cuckolded. Laura is played by Jane Alexander.
  • Davide visits Stefania unannounced in the hope of rekindling their past 'romance', even preparing breakfast before entering her room in the hope of springing a pleasant surprise - only to find her with Eros, her toy boy. He doesn't flinch one bit..! :)
  • Davide returns after ten years to the island where he used to live with Monica, and notices that little Diletta, a friend's daughter, is now all grown up and brimming with youth. She becomes his muse, and later also rescues him when he collapses while scuba diving. Diletta is played by the delightful Elena Bouryka.
  • A bonus mini compilation of tit and nipple-slips from Michela Cescon.


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