Thursday, 22 December 2011

Adriana Ugarte & co in "Lo Contrario al Amor" [2011 Spain]

The Spanish comedy "Lo Contrario al Amor" [Eng. Title: The Opposite of Love] appears to be Vicente Villanueva's full-length feature debut. While he gives a decent account of himself as a director, the film has nothing too profound to say. It works if you're looking for light entertainment, and has good technical merits at least as far as cinematography and editing are concerned. The performances are also average, but that shouldn't be a problem as muy linda y guapa Adriana Ugarte is there in every other scene to keep our attention - she's one fine young lady alright.

Merce and Raúl are an on and off couple who seem to have genuine feelings for each other, but are wary of committing to a relationship due to their own little hangups. Several themes centred around young metrosexuals are touched upon, but nothing's explored in depth. Due to which, the film becomes tedious at times. Some of the characters are there simply to fill the time.

Compilation: Adriana Ugarte, Marta Hazas, and Loreto Fajardo

Adriana Ugarte, Marta Hazas, and Loreto Fajardo in Lo Contrario al Amor

Scene Guide:
  • Merce, played by Adriana Ugarte has a dream involving a threesome with two firemen who rescued her from an elevator. A third fireman pops up to throw a damper on proceedings.
  • Silvia, a Friday night lay for one of the narcissistic firemen is pissed off after noticing him admiring his own ass rather than hers - perhaps she should have given the audience an opportunity to see and appreciate her instead. Silvia is played by Marta Hazas.
  • No nudity - A 'Miss Ass with Cream' pageant in Benidorm (where else!), and Carmen María is the winner. Her skimpy bikini presents an opportunity for a nipple slip, thanks to a deleted scene from the DVD extras - inserted as a separate file. Carmen is played by Loreto Fajardo.


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