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Javiera Díaz de Valdés, Sigrid Alegría & co in "Sexo con Amor" [2003 Chile]

The fine Chilean actor-comedian Boris Quercia wrote and made his directorial feature film debut in "Sexo con Amor" [Eng. Title: Sex with Love]. Despite the subject (or because of it), it was a huge box-office hit in his otherwise conservative country.

It is as the title obviously suggests, about relationships and sexual mores seen from a Chilean point of view. But I couldn't help thinking it was perhaps trying too hard to stay within 'mainstream' acceptance - possibly not to offend catholic sensibilities. It turns out not be a cross examination of its society as such, merely stating various reasons for marital breakdown and holding a moral tone whilst perusing comedy liberally. Talking of which, the film is quite funny in places, and the performances of the actors as well as the script make some of the scenes positively hilarious. It may also be that as a foreigner, I could have missed out on some of the local nuances, but even without the intimate knowledge they're funny. The film weaves a story by using parents of some school children as subjects - their love lives, infidelities, and relationship issues. The performances by most of the key actors are very good even if they come from a largely TV background. The soundtrack is also pleasant, and the bevy of beautiful ladies are an added bonus. Needless to say, Recommended Viewing..!

DVD Link
This is a different edition to my DVD, so can't say if it is better or worse than my Region-1,4 copy. But this is the best priced item I could find at the time of posting. Mine however came with a 'Making of', some ubiquitous trailers, and a music video from the group 'Pettinellis' who did the title track (I've included it in the archive below).

Compilation 1: Sigrid Alegría, Catalina Guerra, Carolina Oliva, and Berta Lasala

Sigrid Alegría, Catalina Guerra, Carolina Oliva, and Berta Lasala in Sexo con Amor

Scene Guide:
  • School teacher Luisa is having an affair with Jorge, the dad of one of her pupils. After some unsatisfactory groping at a restaurant, they book a hotel room that appears to have a golden carousel en-suite. Whatever, their post-coital ride is cut-short when Luisa tells him she's pregnant - and that he's the father, apparently her fiancé always uses condoms. Luisa is played by 'chica-hermosa' Sigrid Alegría.
  • Luisa with her fiancé. He's obviously not aware she's pregnant as he diligently puts on a condom, which understandably puts off the naughty Luisa.
  • Álvaro is married, but fools around with any women who catch his eye. One of them Angélica, recently got dumped after becoming too clingy. She calls him after taking a cocktail of pills. Catalina Guerra, who plays Angélica, offers a brief tit-slip as she turns over.
  • Brief nudity, but quite sexy - it's Álvaro again, this time with a colleague at office, Eli. All goes well, until he gets distracted by a phone call and leaves poor Eli high and dry. He suspects his wife of having an affair with her best friend from work, and uses a contact to find the person's name. After knowing the name, he now wants to locate his address. Eli is played by 'mamacita-caliente' Carolina Oliva.
  • Another brief tit-slip as Álvaro seems unstoppable - this time with one of his wife's female friends from work, Patricia, asking her if he knows the guy. The visibly peeved Patricia is played by Berta Lasala.


Compilation 2: María Izquierdo and Javiera Díaz de Valdés

María Izquierdo and Javiera Díaz de Valdés in Sexo con Amor

Scene Guide:
  • This is also the funniest section of the film, that played by director Quercia himself, and María Izquierdo - both excellent actors, as husband-wife duo Emilio and Maca. Emilio hasn't had any 'action' for a while as wife Maca finds it extremely painful. She heeds a friend's advice and takes a warm bath when Emilio enters. She tries to cheer him up with some playing, but the desperate guy couldn't control himself. She tells him off for jumping into the bath wearing shoes, and asks him to mind her newly waxed floor on his way out.
  • No nudity, but funny - of Maca with a gynaecologist - he tells her what we could all figure out after watching the scene, that there's nothing really wrong with her vagina.
  • Niece Susan arrives from France on holiday. Emilio is surprised to see she'd grown into a stunning young woman - she'd had a crush on him as a teenager. Made from at least five 'very visual' scenes that requires little description. We see young Susan has matured into one delightful prick-tease of a lady. Susan is played by 'chilenita-guapa' Javiera Díaz de Valdés - she may not be a great actress, but manages to corrupt us all the same with that playful smile and dare I say, cute but perky bosoms..! ;-)


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