Saturday, 10 December 2011

Giulia Bellucci in "La Polinesia è Sotto Casa" [2010 Italy]

Young directors Andrea Goroni and Saverio Smeriglio (who also wrote the story) made their film debut in the comedy, "La Polinesia è sotto casa" [Eng. Trans: Polynesia on my doorstep]. It may not be one of the most profound films made, but considering this is their first feature, and also the fact that most of the cast and crew are also just making their debut, it strives to be sincere.

Stefano seems to have it all - nice job, car, yada yada yada... but realises his life is soulless and decides to make a radical change, which apart from other things involve breaking his engagement to Nadine, a wealthy young woman of French origin, and renewing his passion for surfing - yes, of the water sport variety - a couple of young surfers he meets in order to acquire their property act as the catalyst. So new life - here we come. But wait, there's one person from his old life that he wants to bring along too - Matilde. Will he succeed..?

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Scene: Giulia Bellucci
There's actually very little nudity here - this is more of a 'hello' to newcomer Giulia Bellucci who plays Nadine. In this scene, Stefano tries to rekindle his relationship with Nadine by inviting her on a holiday - they had of late grown increasingly further apart.

Giulia Bellucci in La Polinesia e Sotto Casa


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