Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Martina Codecasa & co in "Sul Mare" [2010 Italy]

Alessandro D'Alatri's recent Italian film, "Sul Mare" [Eng. Trans: At Sea] is an old fashioned bitter-sweet romance set in a Neapolitan island. It's the story of Salvatore, a happy-go-lucky lad whose life seems to have been neatly split into two halves - during the summer, he makes a living by hiring his boat to tourists, and during off-season, works at a construction site in the mainland. Until he meets Martina, a Genoese lass and scuba diving enthusiast. He falls madly in love with her, an experience which will nevertheless teach him some hard truths of life.

The film is well conceived, with a well-written script and neat direction. It has a straightforward narrative, and the main cast give a decent-enough performance to make the film tick, particularly the young actress playing her namesake, Martina Codecasa. Fine cinematography is aided by some breathtaking locales, and pleasant music. But the film is also a notch above your average light entertainment - it is actually quite moving at times, and therefore definitely Worth Viewing.

Compilation: Martina Codecasa, Roberta Stellato, and Adriana Marega
I've combined some of the best parts from the film, some of which may not have nudity as such, but nevertheless lead to one.

Scene Guide:
  • A couple of fun-seeking tourists, played by Roberta Stellato, and Adriana Marega tease and party with Salvatore in his boat.
  • This is when Salvatore lays eyes on Martina for the first time. She hires his friend's boat, but soon enough they bump into each other rather unexpectedly. A romance develops...
  • But Martina disappears after her holiday. And just when Salvatore's coming to terms of having been dumped, she returns, and they resume from where they left off. Martina is played by bella ragazza Martina Codecasa.
  • During her stay Martina lives with Salvatore and his parents.
  • Nude games by the beach, followed by romantic nights in the open.


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