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María Lapiedra & Co in "Torrente 4 - Lethal Crisis" [2011 Spain]

"Torrente 4 - Crisis Letal" [Eng. Title: Torrente 4 - Lethal Crisis] is the latest instalment of Santiago Segura's outrageous comedies in the 'Torrente' line of films. For those who are not aware, the Torrente films liberally mix bawdy toilet humour with gratuitous nudity, and they've been hugely popular and successful in Spain. Sr. Segura himself is an excellent actor and a very funny comedian in many other films. The lead character Torrente is a very earthy, totally non-PC policeman-turned-bungling detective - one might say a vulgar version of Jacques Clouseau, sans the authority.

There's really not much to say about the film's simple plot - but it is a high-quality production nevertheless with big names in entertainment throwing their lot in, including top football stars from Real Madrid. Just sit back and laugh your ass off. If you're easily offended though and don't really have a sense of humour - then this one isn't for you.


Compilation: María Lapiedra, Yolanda Ramos, Mari Cielo Pajares, and others
I've put together most of the nudie scenes in here, and also left most of the gags in them intact for visitors who can understand Spanish - it is actually quite hilarious.

María Lapiedra, Yolanda Ramos, Mari Cielo Pajares & others in Torrente-4

Scene Guide:
  • Melanie Rocamora, daughter of a big shot is getting married, but the bride is desperate for a quickie with one of the butlers. Our hero Torrente, the man in charge of security, catches them in the act and recovers some drugs. He agrees not to tell her dad, provided she gives him something in return. The bride's dad and his associate are talking about how their princess was "just a child until yesterday", while she's busy extracting 'Spanish goat cheese' from Torrente. Melanie is played by Spain's very own resident tart, María Lapiedra.
  • More mayhem when Torrente accidentally sets fire to Melanie's bridal gown.
  • Torrente visiting a peep-show parlour, bevy of bare breasted girls pass by, and a new sidekick is discovered in Rin Rin.
  • This time it's at a strip joint - after some more bare breasts and thongs - Torrente bumps into an old acquaintance, Marivi who asks him to feed her "black pussy some milk" - I can't believe I heard that! Marivi is played by Yolanda Ramos - even if she doesn't take her kit off, Yolanda is so freakin sexy and funny.
  • Torrente is in prison now - and fantasises a sexy female warden asking him to prove his reputation of being the most virile person there, and her colleagues help out with some striptease. The warden is played by Mari Cielo Pajares - daughter of veteran comedian Andrés Pajares. She's also a director in her own right
  • Torrente escape from prison, and in the strip joint bumps into Marivi who again asks for some 'milk' for her pussy cat - an uninterested Torrente tells her stinking pussy's probably already dead by now, and asks where he could find Rin Rin instead.
  • Torrente finds Rin Rin and gives a chase - passing some assorted tits and asses along the way.
  • No nudity but a twisted and rude scene where Torrente and Rin Rin invite themselves into Ramírez's home - the guy who double-crossed him, with Rin Rin groping the older daughter, and Torrente advising the little one to go to bed early so she could also grow tits like her sister one day.


Bonus Scenes:
  1. The film's interesting title sequence - take this, James Bond..!
  2. From the DVD extras - the title track released as a music video - no nudity here but the song is pretty good and has some sexy ladies thrown in too.
Title sequence and music video from Torrente 4


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