Thursday, 14 July 2011

Lena Nyman, Sonja Lindgren, and others in "Jag är Nyfiken - en film i Blått" [1968 Sweden]

"Jag är Nyfiken - en film i Blått" [Eng. Title: I am Curious (Blue)] is the second half of Vilgot Sjöman’s duology "Jag är Nyfiken". This however isn't a sequel even while it retains the same characters and story from the previous half (I am Curious - Yellow). What it does is fill in gaps in the original story while we get to know more about Lena (both the actress and the character she is playing) and the various influences that shaped her beliefs and choices.

While some scenes are repetitive, they do help in connecting the two stories. I've never seen this without its companion piece (Yellow), so not sure how well this will work on its own, but nevertheless, this is essential viewing to better understand the previous film.

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Compilation: Gudrun Östbye, Lena Nyman, Bim Warne, Sonja Lindgren, Gun Jönsson, and Hanne Sandemose

Gudrun Östbye, Lena Nyman, Bim Warne, Sonja Lindgren, Gun Jönsson, and Hanne Sandemose in Jag är Nyfiken - en film i Blått

Scene Guide:
  • Brief nudity - the director Sjöman giving some background to Lena Nyman's character about her childhood - he shows her parents quarrelling and then making up - the mother is played by Gudrun Östbye.
  • Brief public nudity - Lena and her friend Hans flee after imagining Hans' girlfriend Bim approaching them naked through a playing field. Bim is played by Bim Warne.
  • Lena in Börje's house - while his fiancé is out. They are interrupted by Börje's child waking up, followed by some more naked time in the kitchen. Lena of course, is played by the legendary Swedish actress Lena Nyman.
  • No nudity but some sexy buttcrack of Lena while camping on the way to see her mother.
  • Lena befriends singer and single mum Sonja at the village, together they go skinny-dipping in this awesome scene. Sonja is played by the grogeous and classy Sonja Lindgren.
  • A sleepless Lena watches a lesbian couple sharing some intimate moments from outside their window. I can't be certain, but I believe the actresses are Gun Jönsson and Hanne Sandemose - their characters barely speak, and don't appear anywhere else in the film.
  • Back in Stockholm, Lena stays at Hans and his girlfriend Bim's boat for a few days. Hans was the one who fed Lena all the theories about non-violence, and Lena is shocked to see him behave in a different manner with Bim.


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