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Eleonora Albrecht & co in "Caribbean Basterds" [2010 Italy]

Occasionally we wish films were made like in the 'good old' days, more so when it came to female nudity. Well, we have a wish answered - Italian B-Movie maestro Enzo G. Castellari (of "Keoma", "Sensitività" and the original "Inglorious Basterds" (Quel maledetto treno blindato) fame) appears to have returned from retirement to make another awesome film in his inimitable style, "Caribbean Basterds". I'm sure his friend Tarantino will also take a look at this if he hasn't done so already. This is one kick-ass film with plenty of stunts, bad acting, and "molte scene di sesso" with belle ragazze da Italia e Venezuela ..!

Shot exclusively in Isla Margarita, Venezuela, the film unabashedly borrows themes and visuals from other known works, from "Hamlet" to "A Clockwork Orange". Castellari himself says in the DVD extras that his film is a homage to Stanley Kubrick. But the overall film is original nevertheless, in a bizarre way. Shot in English using Italian and Latin American actors replete with accents, it was later dubbed in Italian for local audience.

Rich kids Roy and Linda - brother and sister, reunite in their Caribbean holiday home after many years - she'd been studying in Paris - their father is a powerful arms dealer. But Roy hates to follow in his dad's footsteps. Roy and Linda decide to become pirates who'll rob only the rich and invite their new friend José to join in. At first, it's all fun, but soon they land in deep trouble after accidentally bumping off some drug dealers. They now have the police, the drug lord, and a voodoo practitioner after them...

The cinematography is excellent, with some competent editing and a fine soundtrack - not sure about the special effects though, but it is nevertheless enjoyable and the frequent visuals of stunning blonde Eleonora Albrecht only make it easy on the eye - a deliciously trashy B-film, that's definitely Recommended Viewing..!

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Eleonora Albrecht, Paolis Velasquez, Vanessa Barrios, Susanne Adler, and Keyla Espinoza
Made from some of the juiciest scenes - although some I had to cut short in order not to give too much of the plot away.

Eleonora Albrecht, Keyla_Espinoza, Paolis Velasquez, Vanessa Barrios, and Susanne Adler in Caribbean Basterds

Scene Guide:
  • Linda is a pricktease - as is apparent from her behaviour with the servant. Linda is played by the very watchable Eleonora Albrecht.
  • José brings along his friend María for one of the family parties, and later all four party separately in the swimming pool in this sexy scene. María is played by Paolis Velasquez.
  • Roy, Linda and José form 'The Pirates of Justice' - first up is a family friend (and arms dealer) having a private party with his young girlfriend in a yacht  - played by chica bellissima Vanessa Barrios.
  • Next in their Clockwork Orange-style raids is another family friend with his wife in a secluded beach. They take turns with her - who apparently seems to be enjoying it, and Linda joins in the fun too in this sexy scene. The wife is played by Susanne Adler.
  • Another one of their heists. This time led by Linda who seduces the rich guy. They then make a private video of Linda making out with him.
  • After a shoot-out, the trio find Dolores hiding in the bath - she agrees to help them. Of course, she helps Roy first, followed by his jealous sister Linda. José joins them too, but gets fed up with this brother-sister fondling and leaves. However that doesn't stop the action in this rather kinky scene. Dolores is played by Venezuelan model Keyla Espinoza, proud owner of some of the most impressive curves. Capping this scene was a nightmare - every other frame looked good to go..!


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