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Sarah Felberbaum, Chiara Francini, & others in "Maschi Contro Femmine" BR1080 [Italy 2010]

Fausto Brizzi is one of the most commercially successful writer-directors in Italy today, and it is not hard to guess why - they are by and large gentle comedies with A-Grade star line-ups with liberal budgets. While entertaining to watch - they are certainly not Italian cinema at its best - more like a Hollywood formula packaged in Italian.

His 2010 film, "Maschi Contro Femmine" [Eng. Title: Males against Females] is sexy, funny, and a generally enjoyable comedy. It's filled with beautiful people living a sanitised existence, and can't do anything evil. There's not much of a storyline though - we see a few people pairing up, breaking up, and getting back etc., so I'll spare you the details, and proceed with the compilations - cut from Blu-ray - which says it all.

Technically, this is a grand production with no expense spared - aerial photography, underwater photography - you name it, it's there, with some special effects thrown in for good measure. The editing, direction and soundtrack are typically 'mainstream' - satisfying young and old people alike. If you need to unwind with some easy viewing, this film is for you. A sequel of sorts (Femmine Contro Maschi) has also been released recently, but this is the one for bonus nude scenes.

Compilation 1: Sarah Felberbaum, Chiara Francini, Paola Cortellesi and others

Sarah Felberbaum, Chiara Francini and Paola Cortellesi in Maschi Contro Femmine

Scene Guide:
  • Walter's just turned dad - he's happy about it, but hasn't had sex for ten months, thanks to his fussy wife. Things ain't made easy at work either - he's the coach for a professional women's volleyball team, and must keep his wits about him for the dressing room debrief. If you can follow Italian, you might even enjoy the double entendres strewn about. The one with the plastered nose is Laura Barriales, and the blonde champion is Giorgia Würth - unfortunately neither of the two take their kit off - some others do.
  • No nudity, but sexy scene of some dancing tequila girls led by Francesca, played by the rather pretty Sarah Felberbaum. Andrea manages to befriend her.
  • No nudity but sexy again - Andrea's best friend and flatmate Marta - a lesbian, is drawn to the rear view of a blonde working out in the gym -  the tequila girl Francesca that Andrea is also hitting on. One can see the gags coming...
  • The little drama between bickering neighbours - playboy Vittorio, and nurse cum Greenpeace activist Chiara is perhaps the most engaging of the lot. Gradually drawn towards her, he goes out of his way - Antarctica in fact, to win her over, in the process also getting rid of his temporary impotence, of which she's only too aware of. Chiara is played by the beautiful and fine actress Paola Cortellesi.

Compilation 2: Sarah Felberbaum, Chiara Francini and others

Chiara Francini and Sarah Felberbaum in Maschi Contro Femmine

Scene Guide:
  • Francesca dips into Marta's jar like a child to ketchup, and the following night also parties with Andrea - what an open-minded girl! She wanders out of Andrea's room looking for the toilet, making Andrea's pal Ivan one frustrated man. Marta turns up as Francesca returns to her room - neither she nor Andrea have a clue they've been seeing the same person. Marta is played by the equally sexy Chiara Francini.
  • Fast friends Andrea and Marta - after discovering they've been bedding the same girl, become rivals vying for Francesca's attentions, who invites them on a camping holiday to patch things up. It had to be a nudist camp. The embarrassed Andrea is told off by a passing woman for being clothed and orders him to appear 'decent' as there are children around..!
  • Andrea catches up with Francesca and Marta after disrobing, but strategically covering himself with a newspaper, just what one of the guys chatting with the girls wants to borrow, to catch up with some news.
  • Andrea and Marta give their 'status report' to Ivan over the phone.
  • Cunning Marta coaxes Francesca into proposing to go horse-riding, knowing full well that Andrea grew up a typical city boy.


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