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Elisabetta Rocchetti & Stefania Rocca in "L'amore è Eterno Finché Dura" [2004 Italy]

Actor-director Carlo Verdone has been a staple of Italian cinema for several decades. While his films are generally light comedies, his 2004 film, "L'amore è Eterno Finché Dura" [Eng. Title: Love is Eternal While it Lasts] is a comedy that tries to seriously examine modern family life, by focusing on a marriage going through crisis.

The film starts with Gilberto attending a speed-dating event, after signing up as a widower. His wife of twenty years Tiziana is however pretty much alive, both livng a seemingly harmonious life with a teenage daughter. He marks his interest in a woman named Stella, but doesn't take it any further. But when Stella disappears shortly after the speed-date, police call him, along with all the other participants of the dating event for questioning. Tiziana accompanies a reluctant Gilberto for the interview, and is understandably ticked off after learning about his attending the event (and that too by pronouncing her dead). She promptly asks him to vacate the flat, leaving Gilberto to temporarily crash at his best friend Andrea's flat, who lives with girlfriend Carlotta.

Gilberto initially tries to win Tiziana back, but changes his mind after he learns that she's been having an affair with their family doctor, after all. Several twists and turns in the 'pairing-up' game ensue after Stella, the girl who disappeared after the speed-date event, returns. Through it all, the film flows pretty well, thanks to some clean writing, but is made less credible by the fact that the various breakups seem to happen without causing any noticeable fuss or trauma to the other party. It is as if Verdone is too weary of straying from his traditional forte of comedy by portraying things more convincingly. I think he should have taken the chance and made a proper drama, as opposed to a comedy drama.

Compilation: Elisabetta Rocchetti and Stefania Rocca
Elisabetta Rocchetti and Stefania Rocca in L'amore e eterno finche dura

Scene Guide:
  • Carlotta chooses to spice up Gilberto's life a bit by introducing him to her friend Carolina. In this funny scene, he finds out that it isn't working with Carolina at all, when she enthusiastically answers all her calls and text messages even during the act. Carolina is played by Elisabetta Rocchetti.
  • No nudity but sexy, as Carlotta casually changes clothes in Gilberto's presence. Carlotta is played by Stefania Rocca.


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