Friday, 6 May 2011

Luisa Ranieri, Tiziana Buldini & Giulia Michelini in "Immaturi" [2011 Italy]

Paolo Genovese's latest box-office hit "Immaturi" [Eng. Title: Immature] is a breezy feel-good comedy about a group of friends getting together after twenty years. The premise is however interesting - the batch they belonged to have to re-sit an examination from twenty years ago - the board had just managed to audit the results and discovered some irregularities in the grading. This gives them the perfect excuse to reconnect with the once close-knit group - they had hitherto dispersed, taking up different vocations. As they get together to cram Greek philosophy, the film gives a fly-past of each of the main characters' lives, their family, and unresolved issues from the past. Needless to say, all ends well.

It is a typical mainstream film, with beautiful people trying to deal with their tiny little discomforts. While occasionally witty and intelligent, the characters are cliché, as are the dialogues and screenplay predictable. Great cinematography, art direction, popular music, and a simple story - easy viewing at its best, I guess!

There are also a couple of brief nude scenes in the film - the reason for this post. The compilation was made from DVD.

Luisa Ranieri, Tiziana Buldini, and Giulia Michelini in Immaturi

Scene Guide:
  • In the scene, Marta, played by Luisa Ranieri is checking out photos of her husband's childhood friends. Sra. Ranieri doesn't get nude in the film but is sexy all the same - and for me, the very definition of "Gorgeous".
  • Olivia is the mistress of Virgilio, who briefly panics after hearing the door bell, only to receive a recorded letter from the exam board. Wholesome Olivia is played by Tiziana Buldini.
  • Cinzia is with Piero in the bathtub - she wants to know when he's going to separate from his wife, as she's unwilling to play second fiddle any longer (the b*stard actually isn't married but pretends to be, so that he needn't make any commitments). The scene is also funny as she walks around naked just covered in lather while having this heated argument. Cinzia is played by Giulia Michelini.


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