Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Valentina Forte in "Inferno in Diretta" [1985 Italy]

Valentina Forte in Inferno in Diretta

Following on his earlier successes in 'Cannibal Holocaust' and 'La Casa Sperduta nel Parco', Ruggero Deodato made his next jungle-cannibalism thriller, "Inferno in Diretta" [Eng. Title: Cut and Run] in 1985, by casting his then girlfriend, the absolutely gorgeous Valentina Forte in a prominent role. Genre-wise, this film doesn't quite reach the exhalted heights of Cannibal Holocaust. It is still a decent film with sharp edits (only in some places - the version I saw had a disjointed storyline) and a haunting soundtrack, but the only reason anyone would even want to keep this in their collection must be bella ragazza, signorina Forte, with the sweetest ass eyes can behold. She plays Ana who gets blackmailed into working for the druglords - all because she wants to save her boyfriend.

The first scene is when the ringleader treats his gangster-friend to a hapless Ana. The second scene has no explicit nudiy, but a nice tit-slip as she stumbles upon some corpses in the dark while looking for her Tommy.


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