Friday, 11 February 2011

Lidia Vitale in "La Doppia Ora" [2009 Italy]

[Lidia Vitale in La Doppia Ora

Giuseppe Capotondi's 2009 debut feature, "La Doppia Ora" [Eng. Title: The Double Hour] is psychological-romantic thriller set in Turin. Guido, a widowed security guard isn't ready for another relationship, but resorts to speed-dating to find sexual partners, until he meets Sonia during one of the sessions. Sonia is played by the beautiful Kseniya Rappoport. Guido falls in love. One day he invites her to the art gallery where he works, and during a private moment, both get attacked by some burglars, and held captive while they cleaned up the gallery. Events from then on is one heck of a roller-coaster ride with numerous twists and turns in the plot, so I won't even bother with the rest. You may want to watch it for yourself - it is a good movie, and is available on DVD (from which this scene was cut).

The film is stylishly made, with fine performances from all the main actors and a very professional technical team. The lovely Kseniya doesn't take her kit off in this film, but we have one of the speed-daters, played by Lidia Vitale, spending time in the bed with Guido in one scene.


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