Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Daniela Valentine in "Lake Tahoe" [2008 Mexico]

Fernando Eimbcke is a prodigiously talented director making waves in World cinema. His 2008 film, "Lake Tahoe" is in one word, mesmerising. Give this movie a chance for the first 15 minutes, and you'll be so glad that you did. Sit back, and let the film take you where it wants. There are no cunning twists in the plot, nothing surreal or avant-garde, nothing to pay close attention to in that vast azure canvas - it is just plain and simple, like looking at a naturally beautiful woman, devoid of any makeup. Like a slow cooked gormet meal. Well, you get the idea.
The cinematography, the direction, and the location make the movie what it is - a modern day gem. The film is about loss, about accepting and coping with loss. I wouldn't like to elaborate this time - it is for the viewer to make their own little journey through the film, just as young Juan does. That is part of the joy in watching. A little patience at the beginning, and you'll find this as absorbing as a well-written novel. Highly Recommended Viewing..!
In the only nude scene in the film, Juan is talked into babysitting the child of a shop assistant, Lucia. He unexpectedly finds himself spending some time in her bedroom. Lucia is played by Daniela Valentine.


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