Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Rie Rasmussen in "Human Zoo" [2009 France]

Danish born model-turned-actress Rie Rasmussen made her directorial debut in this 2009 French production, "Human Zoo". For a debut, this film is an awesome achievement, and it only underlines her creative credentials as one of the rising talents in world cinema today. Not only did she write the script and direct, she edited the film herself, and to boot, also played the lead role of Adria, a Kosovar-Albanian illegal immigrant in Marseille, trying to put behind her torrid past in war-torn Kosovo and later in Belgrade.

It is a gritty drama of fury and anger, made from a female perspective, and to say the film is action-packed would be an understatement. Violence and passion are depicted naturally, as they would in real life. A lot of heart had gone into this production, and even if there is plenty of room for improvement, it is a noble achievement, and I wish her all the luck in her future projects, including what appears to be sequel of sorts to this film that is yet to be finished.

The scenes below were cut straight from DVD.

Compilation 1:
This is the full set of 'notable' scenes of the very watchable Rie Rasmussen, not just for her hot looks but also her acting. First is when Adria takes Shawn, an American drifter into her apartment and has sex. This is an unblievable scene where the actor playing Shawn is actually performing cunnilungus on Adria after spreading her legs wide (one could also notice Shawn's 'excitement' halfway through the scene). I would call it explicit, but it is made in a tasteful way (no pun intended). The next scene in the compilation is of Adria and Shawn having sex outdoors at night - even though there's not much nudity in this scene, it is outrageously erotic. The final part oif the scene is also sexy, where Shawn and Adria get to know each other bettr back at the apartment - some nice white panty upskirts here (and me have a fondness for them since childhood).

Rie Rasmussen in Human Zoo

Compilation 2:
Now for the rest of the pack, of which I know the name of only the first two - strippers Danijela Marinkovic and Katarina Micunovic who party at Srdjan's place - he is a deserter from the Yugoslav army, who becomes a gun-running gangster in lawless Belgrade. As a soldier, he rescues innocent Adria when she is about to get raped by one of his colleagues. She follows him back to Belgrade, first by becoming his girl Friday, and later his lover. Next we have a furious Adria barging into the room where Srdjan is having sex with a hooker and beats the living daylights out of the poor woman. This scene is actually hilarious in a macabre way - she bites off one of Srdjan's fingers during the fight, after blinding the hooker first - and Srdjan desperately tries to punch the missing finger out of Adria. Things are happening all around and we have this hooker stumbling across naked, understandably pissed off.  In the final scene, we have a gun-totting Adria rescuing a young woman from a 'massage parlour'.

Danijela Marinkovic, Katarina Micunovic and others in Human Zoo


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