Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Marimar Vega in "Daniel y Ana" [Mexico, Spain 2009]

Mexican director Michel franco's first full length feature, "Daniel y Ana" [Eng. Title: Daniel & Ana] is a pretty low-key affair, even if it has some rather dramatic moments. Apparently based on a true story, his realistic filmmaking - virtually devoid of cinematic embellishments - works very well leading into the crucial stages of the film, as the audience are suddenly woken by shock at the unfolding drama.

I'm not going to write too much about the shocking event that changes brother Daniel and sister Ana's lives. While on a shopping trip, they get kidnapped. The rest of the film is about the siblings trying to recover from the extreme trauma caused by the event following the kidnapping, where they could turn to no one in their own family for help, before Ana finally seeks the services of a psychologist.

Marimar Vega plays the Ana character quite convincingly, as does her brother Daniel - their slightly underwhelming display of emotions only adds to the realism which makes the event even more shocking. There are no download links for this film posted here. For that, please check my main blog:

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