Friday, 17 December 2010

Julie Gayet in "Sans Laisser de Traces" [2010, France]

Grégoire Vigneron's directorial debut, his 2010 thriller "Sans Laisser de Traces" [Eng. Title: Traceless] is not a bad first effort. Even if he doesn't manage to keep his audience in suspense for too long - the plot is a well worn path - he manages to vary the pace of the film as necessary to retain our interest - just about.

Etienne, A successful executive is on the threshold of becoming the president of a large International firm - when he's suddenly overcome by remorse for a wrong he committed several years ago, and ironically his success and upward mobility could largely be attributed to that same event. When he tries to right that wrong in order to start his new job with a clean slate, he meets an old friend from his school years, and events take a turn for the worse. As they say, sometimes, it is all down to luck...

In this brief scene - the only nude scene in the film, Etienne arrives home on time so he and his wife Clémence could get down to the business of making a baby - she had just returned from the fertility clinic. Julie Gayet plays the role of the housewife. This scene was cut from Blu-Ray.

Julie Gayet in Sans Laisser de Traces


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