Thursday, 9 December 2010

Der Baader Meiknhof Komplex [Germany, France 2008] BR720p

I found Uli Edel's 2008 gripping political drama, "Der Baader Meiknhof Komplex" [Eng. Title: The Baader Meinhof Complex] quite informative actually - until this film, I only vaguely remember the RAF [Rote Armee Fraktion, or Red Army Faction], an utlra left-wing group responsible for some high-profile terrorist attacks in West Germany, and France through occasional TV news bulletins in the 80's.

This film tells us a bit about its formation in 1970, and focuses particularly on the lives of some of its key founder-members. Excellently directed, edited and cinematographed - it was nominated for both Oscar and BAFTA that year - the main actors also compliment the film with some fine performances. I also felt the sound was masterfully engineered - and watching the BluRay version certainly helped.

These scenes were already posted by me elsewhere - I had posted them again in my main site mainly to document the film there, and of course for visitors who hadn't seen these earlier. Hence no custom graphic.

Scene 1:
A successful and well respected journalist, Ulrike Meinhof, portrayed by Martina Gedeck is in a nude beach with children and hubby when a young woman from work comes along and reminds the hubby about a party that evening. I don't know actress name - not all character names are mentioned in the film credits.

Scene Details: 1:53 mts - 39.2 MB

Scene 2:
This is an interesting scene - Gudrun Ensslin, one of the founding members, played by sexy Johanna Wokalek is in the bath when a stranger, fresh after a beating from Police enters - he wants to join the RAF. When he enquires if he could have a bath later, she asks him to join her citing the hot water shouldn't be wasted. Her boyfriend Andreas Baader, another founder member, enters...

Scene Details: 2:15 mts - 46.9 MB

Scene 3:
This is a funny scene - Martina Gedeck, Susanne Bormann, Nadja Uhl along with some key RAF members flee W.Germany to get trained in Lebanon (possibly by the PLA - not sure). The Arab guys are shocked to see these girls arrive in skimpy attire. The commander has had enough when the girls and boys decide to 'boycott' training for a day and sunbathe in the nude. He asks them to get dressed up, but the girls argue that freedom should also include free sexual expression - oh I so love the 70's..!

Scene Details: 1:21 mts - 26.6 MB

Scene 4:
Brief Nudity - Wihle many key members are in prison awaiting trial, another founder member Brigitte Mohnhaupt, played by Nadja Uhl, just gets released after spending 5 years in prison. Desperate to have sex, she proposition's her contact.

Scene Details: 0:56 mts - 17.6 MB


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