Thursday, 2 December 2010

Adriana Ugarte in Castillos de Cartón [Spain 2009] - 6 Clips

Salvador Garcia Ruiz doesn't exactly break new ground in this 2009 Spanish drama, "Castillos de Cartón" [Eng. Title: Paper Castles] - this subject's been dealt with a number of times in European films - but it's still a decently made 'mature' film with well rounded preformances by all. Importantly for us though, we get to see chiquita muy hermosa Adriana Ugarte in extended periods of undress. 

Set in an art school, the story revolves around two close friends and housemates - the introspective Marcos and the outgoing Jaime - they fall in love with their classmate, Jose (Adriana Ugarte). Jose initially fancies Marcos, but things become more complicated when they all get to know each another.

Marcos has a problem - he cannot 'function' when it comes to bedroom matters. Jamies knows this, and in a way uses this to his advantage by making use of opportunities that Marcos' good looks provide in picking up gorgeous girls. When Marcos discloses his shame to Adriana, Jamie enters the room and offers to help - and things happen. Adriana tries to forget what happened at first but the guys talk it over and persuade Adriana to continue with this bizarre ménage à trois. We later learn Adriana has a problem too - she has never had an orgasm. So Jamie becomes an important factor - encouraging his friend Marcos and also working on Adriana..!

However it's only after Adriana and Marcos manage to succeed in their respective shortcomings does the relationship take a different turn. The film focuses well on the voyeuristic aspect of their relationship, but also the jealousy and heartache involved when it becomes apparent that Adriana could not possibly love both Marcos and Jamie in equal measure, even if she wanted to.

These clips were made from a DVD, so the quality is pretty good.


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