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Petra Schmidt-Schaller in "Sommer in Orange" [2011 Germany]

Marcus Hausham Rosenmüller's "Sommer in Orange" [Eng. Title: My Life in Orange] is a breezy little comedy of clashing cultures.

Set in the early eighties, the film is about a commune of the Bhagwan Rajneesh cult establishing itself in an idyllic Bavarian village right in the Christian heartland of Germany. It depicts a traditional community coming to terms with the newly arrived 'devil worshippers', and their various attempts to have them removed until both of them learn the art of coexistence.

Young Lili and little brother Fabian join mum Amrita and her fellow cult members at a villa recently bequeathed to Amrita's boyfriend Siddharta. They decide to set-up a commune there much to the dismay of old-fashioned locals, who look upon them with suspicion. But importantly for Lili, she finds it hard being accepted by local kids for who she is, despite her desire to belong. She goes to various lengths, foregoing her orange cult-robes in order to blend in. Neither does her self-centred mother Amrita's 'spiritual' obsession help Lili, who will begin feeling embarrassed about even belonging to the commune. You have drama towards the end when Lila, out of anger wrongly implicates the commune of several crimes including sympathising with the RAF, but she will receive guidance from a rather unexpected quarter that will help smooth some of the cracks that have appeared in the commune, and infuse back some good 'energy'.

This is a delightful comedy that consistently stays clear of clichés and observes the clash of cultures and their idiosyncrasies without taking them too seriously. The kids playing Lili (Amber Bongard) and Fabian (Bela Baumann) are a treat to watch, they're the ones who make the film tick. Technically the film is very well made, but like most mainstream films, don't expect anything too deep. It is nevertheless an above average comedy that's Recommended Viewing! DVD Link


Compilation: Petra Schmidt-Schaller, Wiebke Puls, Daniela Holtz,
Georg Friedrich,
and Brigitte Hobmeier

Petra Schmidt-Schaller and Brigitte Hobmeier in Sommer in Orange

Scene Guide:
  • No nudity but an interesting scene of Amrita being the enthusiastic mum making the children breakfast. Amrita is played by a pretty Petra Schmidt-Schaller.
  • Some fleeting flashes from girls at the commune enjoying the rain - Wiebke Puls and Daniela Holtz feature in it apart from Petra Schmidt-Schaller.
  • The neighbour and local Mayor gets an eyeful of Amrita as she momentarily turns into a garden nymph. His kids enjoy the view too.
  • This is a hilarious scene, but I'm sure Siddharta will find it hard to see the funny side. He works  Amrita up to orgasm, only to hear her say that she could now 'feel' the 'energy' of Prem Banana (Bramana) - a visiting cult member from US who's no doubt after Amrita's very own 'energy'. A furious Siddharta, played by Georg Friedrich, picks a row with Amrita in the garden as Lili watches their drama. :D
  • Another crazy scene of cult members freeing themselves off their negative energy - Prem Bramana winds up a hysterical Amrita while the others join in. The redhead is Leela, played by Brigitte Hobmeier.

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