Sunday, 8 July 2012

Nadir Caselli in "Posti in Piedi in Paradiso" [2012 Italy]

Comedy is usually the pain killer for hard times, and Carlo Verdone offers some commercial relief through "Posti in piedi in paradiso" [Eng. Title: A Flat for Three].

By some coincidence, Ulisse and Fulvio end up sharing a flat with the estate agent who showed them the property, Domenico. With a dip in all the three middle-aged divorcees' fortunes, also exacerbated by the economic downturn, they strike an unlikely friendship in order to get by. They stutter and make some poor decisions, but all ends well in this rather tame comedy, even if it is generally well written. The Italian title alludes to too many people attempting to mend their ways in order to find a place in an already crowded heaven - Ulisse, Fulvio, and Domenico being three among them.

A typical Verdone, it is packed with big stars like Pierfrancesco Favino and Micaela Ramazzotti, and Carlo Verdone also makes an appearance as Ulisse. This may be a well-made and above average comedy, but is still only Easy Viewing..! Blu-ray Link

Compilation: Giulia Greco and Nadir Caselli
There's just a brief nude scene in the film which I'd generally pass by, but this is of the cute young actress Nadir Caselli who plays Gaia, an up-and-coming TV starlet. She befriends gossip columnist Fulvio, and wishes to thank him for setting up an audition with a famous film director. Before that we have a non-nude but funny scene of Marika, the daughter of flatmate Domenico. She comes looking for dad to ask for some extra cash for her rhinoplasty. Ulisse and Fulvio have a laugh at her expense - played by Giulia Greco.

Giulia Greco and Nadir Caselli in Posti in piedi in paradiso


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