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Gianella Neyra in "Polvo Enamorado" [2003 Peru]

"Polvo Enamorado" appears to have been Peruvian director Luis Barrios' only feature film. Since I haven't seen any of his TV dramas, this film is my only point of comparison.

Natalia who had wanted to live in the convent is for some reason given away in marriage to Matías, mayor of a fishing village, on condition that they don't partake in sexual congress. But middle-aged Matías couldn't help desiring her sexually, and he drugs her every night to achieve meaningless intimacy as some consolation. And it appears that his son from a previous marriage, Percy also fancies Natalia, but doesn't make any moves due to respect for his father. Matías is actively involved in protecting the interest of his citizens, and in the process incurs the wrath of a large fishing company using trawlers. Meanwhile, new priest Santiago arrives to take over church services, and Natalia finds herself being irresistibly attracted to him. She soon foregoes any intention of joining the convent and instead seduces Santiago to embark on a secret affair. After one of their indiscreet moments is witnessed by Percy, he wastes no time in reporting the incident to his father, which sets off a chain of events...

While part of the storyline is reminiscent of a more famous Mexican film (Il Crimen del Padre Amaro), it unfortunately doesn't reach anywhere near that film in terms of direction and cinematography - it is filmed pretty much like a TV melodrama and doesn't aspire to achieve anything cinematic. And I hate to admit - the only reason I purchased this DVD was for the depiction of a sex scene quite rare for conservative Peru - between Gianella Neyra and Paul Vega. I'm afraid there is little else here to write about. But here's the DVD link for those interested: DVD Link


Compilation: Gianella Neyra

Gianella Neyra in Polvo Enamorado

Scene Guide:
  • Matías is only able to look at wife Natalia naked when she's unconscious. Natalia is played by Gianella Neyra.
  • As it happens, he gets found out one day, much to his wife's dismay.
  • Natalia connects with newly arrived priest Santiago and despite his initial reluctance, they embark on a secret affair.
  • They will soon be caught in the act by Natalia's husband Matías...

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